Digital Consulting Services:
What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Dec 30, 2020

Digiteum Team

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Digital Strategy

What digital consulting can do for your business

Digital consulting market has been growing steadily for the last ten years, according to Statista. A few years ago, it has reached $48 billion worth, and in 2021, its global market value is expected to surpass the mark of $53 billion. World-renowned Accenture, Oracle and IBM are among the leading digital consulting agencies today.

The main purpose of digital consultancy services is to help companies and organizations achieve their goals in innovation and digital transformation in the most efficient way and stay relevant in the market using information technology and digital channels.

The range of IT consulting services spans from building a long-term digital innovation strategy to immediate transformations like integrations with third-party services, cloud migration, business process automation, consulting on big data and custom software development. Therefore, businesses seek assistance from digital consultants for various purposes. Here are some of them:

Build and implement your innovation roadmap with digital strategy consulting


Today, companies of varying sizes either implement or consider digital transformation. To avoid ad hoc initiatives, executives choose to start with a digital strategy to ensure a smooth transformation journey, mitigate risks and justify the investment into innovation.

However, building an efficient digital strategy for a company is not an ordinary job. It requires technology, industry, market and business expertise and thorough analytics capabilities. Digital consulting firms specialize on the development of digital strategies and tactics, among other services.

First of all, consultants have analytics and business expertise to figure out how a company can achieve its short and long-term innovation goals efficiently and on budget, considering its market standing, industry best practices, trends and the current state of technology.

Secondly, IT consulting companies have strong technical experience and knowledge and therefore can make the right decisions on what platforms, digital channels and tools to use.

Finally, in many cases, a digital consulting company can not only build a strategy but bring the plans to life — design and develop digital systems, prepare the infrastructure on the client’s side, integrate technology into business processes and set it up for future progress.


Introduce intelligence


Data brings new opportunities for business. However, many companies often struggle with their data and extract only a small fraction of value from it, if any. Often, big data is heterogeneous and too massive to deal with. It requires adequate data strategy and infrastructure in place.

Digital consulting is focused on helping companies overcome these issues and drive intelligence to business.

Expert IT consultants provide a company's executives and other decision-makers with a data strategy that relates to their business goals, defines what data has potential, how to work it out and who is in charge.

Moreover, a skilled IT service provider can also build all the necessary digital tools to transform raw data into actionable insights — data visualization and analytic tools, advanced analytics based on machine learning, predictive models, etc. — and pull these insights into versatile dashboards. Thus, IT consultants help companies leverage their data, integrate data solutions, get access to valuable insights and improve overall decision making.


Blend technology into your business process with digital transformation consulting


Apart from data solutions, IT consultants offer other technologies to drive efficiency to a company's business process. It goes far beyond building an app for a webshop or integrating a CRM system into customer service operations.

Having strong technology expertise at hand, consultants can identify the most relevant technologies that could transform traditional business processes. These transformations can have various impacts on business— automate and optimize workflow, improve efficiency, reduce cost, enhance security and safety, even reinvent the whole business process for good.

There's a long list of technologies that can play a role in such transformations, including IoT technology to better connect people, devices and the whole ecosystems, robotics, cutting-edge AI and chatbot solutions to automate processes and free people from mundane tasks.

Address customer needs and follow design trends


Today, every business understands the importance of design and the role of user experience in sales, customer loyalty and business growth, especially in the B2C sector. In fact, good quality design has become a competitive advantage for many companies since it directly impacts conversion, customer engagement and retention in many industries.

However, keeping up with the design trends and monitoring ever-changing customer behavior is not an easy job for non-tech companies, for example, in banking or retail.

This is when digital consulting comes into play. Not only do consultants have great expertise in user experience, customer behavioral patterns and understand what intuitive design is. Professional IT advisors can perform a custom analysis for a particular company, study customer journeys, find UX fails and identify opportunities for improvement. They combine design best practices, trends, technology and create tailored UX design strategy to build a better digital service of a product.


Digital business consulting helps stay relevant in the market


Design is not the only area that always changes. Progressing technologies, the influence of social media, fast-changing competition landscape lure companies into a race to stay relevant. Digital consulting services can help win this race, too.

Consultants know how to scale up and explore new digital channels, get the best of industry-specific digital products and platforms, create integration strategy and use competition shifts for the benefit of their clients.

Therefore, with IT and digital advisors by their sides, companies get better chances to enhance customer reach using emerging technologies and channels, scale up to new platforms and create a seamless experience for their customers across web, mobile, wearables, etc.

Optimize cost and reduce risks


Any digital transformation journey, be it expanding online presence, automation, adopting new technologies or building new digital products or services, require investment and entail risks.

Companies choose different strategies to minimize these risks and optimize costs. Some choose to manage their IT and analytics needs in-house to maintain better control. Others expand their resources and address to tech team augmentation services.

However, today, the majority of companies and organizations consider partnerships with digital consultancies at some level to optimize efforts, reduce complexity and expenses. Giants like UPS, Renault and 7 Eleven choose to address their digital needs to Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, even though they have their own IT teams. Not to mention smaller companies and startups who often fully rely on the experience of technology consulting firms to achieve their goals.


These and many other benefits of digital consulting have already been proven by many success stories. Statistics and expert opinions indicate that demand for technology consulting will only grow. As a result, it will speed up innovation in business and directly impact digital transformation in different industries.


What is digital consulting?

Digital consulting refers to a wide range of services, including tech and business analysis, audit and testing, IT counseling and digital strategy development.

What does a digital consultant do?

In practice, a digital consultant or a tech provider who offers digital consulting services help a business improve or enhance technology infrastructure, review existing technologies and suggest improvements, integrate innovative technologies into business process, efficiently implement digital transformation and build a digital strategy that best fit and align with the goals and vector of development for a particular company.

What is meant by IT consulting services?

When it comes to processes and deliverables, consulting services vary depending on a business case. IT consulting may include the audit of an existing system, putting in a strategy to extend and enhance an existing tech infrastructure as well as building a roadmap for the complete digital transformation of a business process.

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