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Digiteum is a seasoned team of tech experts, senior engineers, architects, and UX/UI designers working together since 2010. We share our rich knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies, custom software design and development, modern engineering and automation practices and talk about how to bridge business and technologies to help companies compete, hit their goals, and stay resilient.
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How SaaS Integration Improves Your Business Process SaaS integration helps you connect SaaS applications in your organization, creating a seamless workflow and data exchange. But integrating various cloud applications, each with its own data model and format, can be challenging and costly. Especially if you deal with dozens of SaaS products for different functions — [...]
How SaaS Outsourcing Can Help You Hit Your Growth Goals SaaS (Software as a Service) economy grows at around 20% each year and shows no signs of stopping. In the wake of the massive shift towards this business model, SaaS outsourcing has become an in-high-demand service among startups and established businesses. In this article, you [...]
How to Build a SaaS Application: Your Go-To Development Guide Your approach to SaaS application development will determine how fast you can get your product out the door and how much it will cost you. Think of it as one of the pillars for the success of your SaaS. It’s just as important as finding [...]
Why Use Microservices Architecture for SaaS Application Development If you want to build a resilient SaaS or need to refactor your software that has grown too large and too hard to manage, you probably consider microservices for the job. And for a good reason. SaaS and microservices are made for each other. In this post, [...]
Web Summit 2023 Wrap-up Missed Web Summit 2023? No worries. We are happy to give you a taste of it and share the insights and firsthand experience from our powerhouse team, Anastasiya Shauchuk and Georgy Romelashvili. But first... Web Summit 2023 in numbers. Just to set up the mood. 70,236 attendees 153 countries 16 stages 2,608 startups 2,100 [...]
10 Tips for Excellent Dashboard UX Design Effective dashboard UX design is the key to a short time to insight. It powers informed decision-making and leads to successful business outcomes. But designing a dashboard is not a rookie job. It requires balancing clarity, usability, and relevance while figuring out how to squeeze the maximum amount [...]
Microservices vs. Monolithic Architecture: Compare Pros and Cons for Business Monolith is the classic of software architecture, microservices is the progress. Both approaches are valid for building high-performing applications. However, they address different requirements and business needs. Comparing monolithic vs. microservices applications will help you understand what fits you best and figure out if it’s [...]
8 Types of Web Portals and How They Benefit Your Business A web portal is a simple solution to a huge problem. It helps businesses, organizations, and communities gather scattered experiences, services, and information in one place. And provide easy 24/7 access for customers and clients online. If you consider building a web portal for [...]
Guide to Creating Powerful Data Visualization Dashboards A well-designed data visualization dashboard is your ultimate tool for making strategic and operational decisions faster. It delivers insights in a matter of clicks. No noise, no silos, no spreadsheets. No wonder companies in all major industries invest in dashboard development. Interactive visualizations and dashboards are among the [...]
The ever-growing volume of data and its importance for business make data visualization an essential part of business strategy for many companies. In this article, we review major data visualization instruments and name the key factors that influence the choice of visualization techniques and tools. You will learn about the most widely used tools for [...]
Guide to Renewable Energy Software Development 2050 doesn’t look so distant anymore. The deadline for decarbonizing the global economy seems to creep towards us faster than it should. Fortunately, renewable energy innovations follow along and develop nearly as fast and, hopefully, will help us accomplish one of the biggest goals of this century. In this [...]
.NET Core vs. .NET Framework Differences: What to Choose for Your Project .NET Core and .NET Framework are two implementations of .NET platform — an all-in-one programming environment that allows you to develop, compile and deploy modern applications of any complexity and scale. Two implementations, one optimal choice. If you are reviewing the differences between [...]
Technical Debt Reduction: 5-Step Plan to Cut and Avoid Tech Debt Technical debt is a common issue in software development that appears for different reasons. It can transform into a costly problem if ignored and unaddressed. To make sure it won’t happen, business and tech executives adopt smart and efficient strategies for technical debt reduction. [...]
5 Advantages of a Self-Service Web Portal Thinking about integrating self-service technologies into your operations? But you are not sure how different self-service portal benefits could fit the specific needs of your business and your audience. And would this investment bring tangible results? This guide will help you answer these questions. In this post, we [...]
12 Warehouse Automation Benefits for Your Business Automation and data-driven operations are the basis of warehouse efficiency today. Every storage, logistics, and retail company considers integrating warehouse automation technology in response to increasing demand, booming eCommerce, and stringent competition. The strategies they choose, however, vary greatly depending on scale and budget. If you work in [...]
Types of Employee Self-Service Software By integrating employee self-service software into your operations, you can transform ad hoc HR activities into a well-oiled process. This transition will help you empower your employees and boost their engagement, directly affecting your sales and profits. According to the Gallop survey, high employee engagement is directly connected to an [...]
Difference Between Websites and Web Applications: Guide for Business Struggling with website vs. web application dilemma? Both allow you to reach your audience online. Both let you showcase your services and products. And best of all, both help you transform users into loyal customers or clients. Which one is the right choice for your business [...]
Web Portal Integration: How to Speed up Your Custom Portal Development Web portals drive automation, cost savings, and operational efficiency in all core industries, including logistics, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. The global healthcare portal market alone is projected to reach $5.8 billion by 2028, underlining the increasing role of web portal integration into healthcare operations. [...]
Impact of Technologies on Sports and Fitness: 10 Examples Modern technologies such as IoT, AI and VR have a profound impact on sports and fitness. Following a short slowdown in 2020 due to the pandemic, these technologies played a major role in revitalizing the industry. Examples of using technologies in sport include telefitness solutions for [...]
Modern Web App Architectures: How to Choose the Right One for Your Project You have to consider many things before choosing web application architecture for your project. Scalability requirements, project volume and goals, and even the structure of your organization may and will impact your decision. Picking the right architectural style for your application can [...]
Digiteum Talks About Key Trends in IT Recruiting in 2023 The last couple of years in IT were more turbulent than a transatlantic flight in mid-January. Layoffs, mass relocation, acute talent shortage, quiet quitting. Seems like we saw it all. But how do these ups and downs affect the market in 2023? Did we finally [...]
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