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Digiteum is a seasoned team of tech experts, senior engineers, architects, and UX/UI designers working together since 2010. We share our rich knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies, custom software design and development, modern engineering and automation practices and talk about how to bridge business and technologies to help companies compete, hit their goals, and stay resilient.
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The ever-growing volume of data and its importance for business make data visualization an essential part of business strategy for many companies. In this article, we review major data visualization instruments and name the key factors that influence the choice of visualization techniques and tools. You will learn about the most widely used tools for [...]
Guide to Renewable Energy Software Development 2050 doesn’t look so distant anymore. The deadline for decarbonizing the global economy seems to creep towards us faster than it should. Fortunately, renewable energy innovations follow along and develop nearly as fast and, hopefully, will help us accomplish one of the biggest goals of this century. In this [...]
B2B Self-Service Portal: Types, Features, and Benefits for Business According to McKinsey’s recent research, about 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer remote human interactions or self-service when interacting with suppliers. Considering that B2B eCommerce sales on marketplaces in the US alone reached $112 billion in 2022 and continue growing, more and more companies consider the development [...]
4 Types of Data Analytics: How Businesses Can Use Them In a world dominated by technology and digital business practices, companies have access to vast amounts of generated data from various sources. Yet, the true potential lies in the ability to interpret this data effectively. How can one pinpoint valuable information from a huge clutter? [...]
.NET Core vs. .NET Framework Differences: What to Choose for Your Project .NET Core and .NET Framework are two implementations of .NET platform — an all-in-one programming environment that allows you to develop, compile and deploy modern applications of any complexity and scale. Two implementations, one optimal choice. If you are reviewing the differences between [...]
Technical Debt Reduction: 5-Step Plan to Cut and Avoid Tech Debt Technical debt is a common issue in software development that appears for different reasons. It can transform into a costly problem if ignored and unaddressed. To make sure it won’t happen, business and tech executives adopt smart and efficient strategies for technical debt reduction. [...]
5 Advantages of a Self-Service Web Portal Thinking about integrating self-service technologies into your operations? But you are not sure how different self-service portal benefits could fit the specific needs of your business and your audience. And would this investment bring tangible results? This guide will help you answer these questions. In this post, we [...]
12 Warehouse Automation Benefits for Your Business Automation and data-driven operations are the basis of warehouse efficiency today. Every storage, logistics, and retail company considers integrating warehouse automation technology in response to increasing demand, booming eCommerce, and stringent competition. The strategies they choose, however, vary greatly depending on scale and budget. If you work in [...]
Types of Employee Self-Service Software By integrating employee self-service software into your operations, you can transform ad hoc HR activities into a well-oiled process. This transition will help you empower your employees and boost their engagement, directly affecting your sales and profits. According to the Gallop survey, high employee engagement is directly connected to an [...]
Difference Between Websites and Web Applications: Guide for Business Struggling with website vs. web application dilemma? Both allow you to reach your audience online. Both let you showcase your services and products. And best of all, both help you transform users into loyal customers or clients. Which one is the right choice for your business [...]
Web Portal Integration: How to Speed up Your Custom Portal Development Web portals drive automation, cost savings, and operational efficiency in all core industries, including logistics, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. The global healthcare portal market alone is projected to reach $5.8 billion by 2028, underlining the increasing role of web portal integration into healthcare operations. [...]
Impact of Technologies on Sports and Fitness: 10 Examples Modern technologies such as IoT, AI and VR have a profound impact on sports and fitness. Following a short slowdown in 2020 due to the pandemic, these technologies played a major role in revitalizing the industry. Examples of using technologies in sport include telefitness solutions for [...]
Modern Web App Architectures: How to Choose the Right One for Your Project You have to consider many things before choosing web application architecture for your project. Scalability requirements, project volume and goals, and even the structure of your organization may and will impact your decision. Picking the right architectural style for your application can [...]
Digiteum Talks About Key Trends in IT Recruiting in 2023 The last couple of years in IT were more turbulent than a transatlantic flight in mid-January. Layoffs, mass relocation, acute talent shortage, quiet quitting. Seems like we saw it all. But how do these ups and downs affect the market in 2023? Did we finally [...]
6 Benefits of Data Visualization for Your Business Big data is an inexhaustible source of value for business. Based on data insights, companies can improve their products, provide customers with more personalized services, increase performance, security, conversion rate, revenue, and basically any business metrics that have growth potential. Visualization and analytics play a pivotal role [...]
How to Create a Vendor Portal Vendor portal development solves some of the most critical challenges in the supply chain. It gives better visibility in your operations, speeds up procurement, and helps better manage risks, delays and loss of suppliers. As a result, you get a more resilient supply chain. “Given today’s volatile and disruptive [...]
Guide to SaaS MVP Development You want to build a profitable SaaS. SaaS that will carve its niche, beat the competition, or even create a category of its own. And to make sure it will solve the real needs of real people, you consider building a SaaS MVP first. Makes sense. Building a large SaaS [...]
How to Choose and Hire Nearshore Software Developers Nearshoring is the most balanced outsourcing strategy for web projects. It’s cheaper to hire nearshore web developers than to outsource to an onshore agency. And it poses much fewer risks and communication issues compared to offshoring. But finding a reliable nearshore partner in today’s swarming market can [...]
Dedicated Development Team Model for Your Business: Definition, Approach, and Benefits Dedicated team model is a reliable and cost-efficient approach to outsource a whole or a part of your product development. It works well for different types of projects from scaling large web platforms to building an MVP from scratch. If you consider this approach [...]
CloudFest 2023 Wrap-up Did you enjoy CloudFest23? We absolutely did. And here's why: Organization Perhaps one of the best-organized events we've been to so far — stunning location, excellent navigation, engaging networking mixers and small get-togethers for any taste. Participants Just as you would expect from an event with such a name, CloudFest was buzzing [...]
Digiteum Talks about HR Club Welcome to HR Club! The first rule of HR Club is: you talk to HR Club. The second rule of HR Сlub is: you TALK TO HR Club. The third rule of HR Club is: if you feel you have a problem at work, want to switch a project, or [...]
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