• At Digiteum, we understand that IoT is a solid ecosystem where each component has its purpose and all of them are seamlessly integrated with each other. That is why our solutions are fit into general infrastructure as native.

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Middleware & ETL Solutions

Middleware is the basis that connects your devices with the external world. At Digiteum, we know how to make complex parts of IoT infrastructure communicate.

We create reliable safety-critical middleware systems that run smoothly on your device. We offer:

  • IoT firmware development
  • Embedded software solutions
  • Data integration services
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Big Data & Machine Learning

There is no IoT without big amount of data. A reliable system to collect, process, analyze and predict in real time is a must-have that allows you to get every bit of value from your data.

Digiteum team has a broad experience in creating such solutions. We help companies develop:

  • Real-time data analytics systems
  • Predictive analytics software based on machine learning technologies
  • Cloud and Edge computing software solutions
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Web & Mobile Applications

Make your IoT devices easy to reach with mobile and web tools. Give end-users all possibilities to control the devices and explore their data.

With more than 7 years in developing applications for a wide range of industries, we know exactly how to create outstanding mobile and web experience.

  • Web, mobile and voice interfaces to set up and manage devices
  • Operation monitoring tools
  • Solutions to connect IoT devices to the cloud
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UI & Data Visualization

Let data speak to humans in a clear way. Diagrams and charts are the best form to represent information, it helps make important decisions quickly.

We design tools to show gathered and analysed data:

  • Real-time data visualization apps
  • Reporting tools
  • Dashboards
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