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Angular Development Services

Forward-thinking companies choose Angular to build powerful web applications and mission-critical solutions. The platform has everything you need to create even the most complex software from dashboarding tools to enterprise-grade systems. In fact, some of the popular web services you use daily — PayPal, Google, — are all built with Angular. And this means two things. First, Angular is a time-tested option approved by thousands of businesses and engineers worldwide. And second, because of that, the heavy demand for Angular specialists makes it extremely hard and costly to find top-tier engineers.

We offer a painless solution to this problem by providing Angular development services for any type of project from web portal development to web modernization and migration to a modern stack.

Angular development services backed by a decade of experience

Do you need to accelerate your project and add skilled engineers to your crew? Or put together a powerhouse frontend team to build a web app from scratch? Perhaps, you plan to modernize your application and seek advice from senior tech specialists on how to do this in the most cost-efficient and risk-free way? We have an Angular development service for these and many other challenges you are facing right now.

What if we tell you that you CAN reach your delivery goals on time? Without struggling to find and hire the right people. Without overblowing your project budget. Without taking the focus off your core business activities. All you need is to join efforts with an Angular development company with the skills and experience that match your current needs.

Angular development

Use the power of Angular to create anything from data-driven web solutions for business automation to customer-centric websites. We will help you leverage rich Angular ecosystem to build more using less time and effort.

Angular migration

Seamlessly migrate from AngularJS to Angular or upgrade to the latest version without a single hiccup. Our experts will translate your business requirements into an actionable plan and modernize your system with performance in mind.

Scalable web apps

Create dynamic web applications to serve and connect to your customers, clients and employees on any device, anytime. Then effortlessly scale your system as your business gets bigger and data requirements grow.

UX/UI design

Every successful application starts with thorough research and a structured design process. Add UX/UI design to Angular web development services to get off on the right foot and develop a system that aligns with the goals of your audience.

Dedicated team

Set up a dedicated team of engineers to speed up or scale your web project. It really is that simple. You get the flexibility of a remote team, quick ramp-up or ramp-down, and best of all, years of tech experience channeled to help you meet your business objectives.

Angular team extension

Augment your team to meet tight deadlines and optimize project costs. What may usually take you months of screening and hiring can be done within weeks with the help of a resourceful Angular web development company. It saves you time, money, and nerves.
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There's more... Expand any Angular development service with powerful web technologies

The best thing about working with a full-stack software company is that you can get expert help at any stage of your project, from project scoping to development to DevOps support and infrastructure management. So when your product evolves and your needs surpass Angular software development services, you can easily scale and restructure your team getting the right specialists on board. Without wasting your time and slowing your pace. See how you can add flexibility to your project with our core tech stack.

    Major programming languages and tools for web development

    • React.js
    • Vue.js
    • Node.js
    • .NET
    • Java
    • Python

    Cloud and infrastructure services for scalable projects

    • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity
    • ELK, Grafana
    • Prometheus, New Relic
    • Docker, Kubernetes

    Reliable data management and storage solutions

    • MS SQL Server
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • DynamoDB
    • Google BigQuery

Think of it like this: Whether you have an in-house team or not, work with MEAN stack or other technologies, at the start of your project or somewhere in the middle — you get comprehensive support aligned with your changing requirements and needs.

It is backed by 13 years of web development experience with the quality of service guaranteed by double ISO certification (9001 and 27001) and a proven track record of successful deliveries for clients from around the world.

“We had an extremely tight deadline. We needed to ramp up a development team and supplement it with an offshore team all while architecting the platform, bringing in other 3rd party partners and delivering the platform in 8 months… Digiteum was key to helping us achieve this success at reasonable costs and at a high level of quality.”

Ryan Keeling, CIO Diaceutics PLC

Benefits of Angular you will get on the way

Harness the full power of Angular platform for fast and cost-effective application development.


Developers love Angular for reusability, maintainability and testability of code. And you will too. Because every time your team reuses code, you save time and money. Add this to ready-to-use UI components, well-tested libraries, CLI and a range of productivity tools to accelerate development.


Modern Angular prides well-structured compact code and effortless caching enabling fast response time and faultless user experience. So no matter what you build, an API-driven enterprise system with multiple integrations or an interactive SPA, you get the utmost performance that won't fail.


Angular is a complete package. Using Angular environment and resources, your team can easily go beyond web and extend your application to new platforms, build progressive web apps, desktop applications and even run Angular applications on mobile devices.


Develop a stable application based on the unique requirements of your business with custom Angular development services. Great code quality, consistency and robust testing are some of the main traits of Angular that make companies like PayPal choose this technology to build a reliable web system.

Industry leaders trust our Angular development services

Renowned enterprises and successful startups choose Digiteum as a reliable custom Angular development company and hire us to solve their most complex challenges.

Open case study

UX/UI design and custom Angular web development services for an award-winning AI startup. Our dedicated specialists designed an unconventional web interface for AI-driven intelligent document management and developed multiple data-rich modules enhanced by RPA tools.

Open case study

Dedicated team of 15+ tech specialists, including senior Angular and Java engineers, QAs, data scientists, DevOps, and a Scrum Master, helped a leading diagnostic data company develop and launch a platform for precisions medicine in a short time and within budget.

Open case study

Team augmentation for an innovative agritech project. Our engineers work on several core services of a smart farming platform that transforms agriculture, radar and satellite data into insights for agribusiness professionals helping them grow more, and grow smarter.

Hire a trusted Angular development company
Start or scale your project with a trusted Angular development company and high-profile engineers on board. We begin with a detailed analysis of your requirements, expectations and business objectives and then suggest a tailored cooperation framework that will help you reach your delivery goals.
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