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React.js Development Services

React is the top choice of engineers and businesses for creating user-centered interactive interfaces. This JavaScript library allows you to build fast and avoid exorbitant costs of development. But it isn't easy to find skilled React specialists in today's market, let alone build a strong frontend team. We offer an effective way to get top-tier engineers to work on your project by providing a full set of React.js development services.

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Whether you are looking for senior React.js engineers to add to your frontend team or plan to hand over your project development to a dedicated team, you can count on Digiteum. Web development is our core expertise with a proven track record and quality of service and deliveries guaranteed by double ISO certifications (9001 and 27001).

We will leverage our 13-year experience working with dynamic web interfaces to help you design and develop fast scalable applications and deliver a superior user experience. Choose React software development services that fit your current needs best.

Web app development

Develop interactive web applications that instantly respond to user commands and keep steady performance, no matter the load. We offer full-cycle React.js app development services to create a web product that will never fail your audience or your business.

React development

Use React ecosystem and tools to build anything from feature-rich single-page applications to cross-platform React Native apps with the quality worthy of native iOS or Android applications. Then support and scale your digital system as your business gets bigger and stronger.

Migration to React

Give your application a massive speed boost and modernize user experience. So that you could secure your market leadership and future-proof your business. Our lead specialists will help you migrate to React.js while you keep your operations up and running.

UX/UI development

Kick off with in-depth user research and competitor analysis to create a product that addresses the real needs of your audience. We complement React.js creation services with superb product design and UX/UI development to help you build outstanding software solutions.

Dedicated React team

Start your project faster with a reliable dedicated team fully integrated into your process and focused on your goals. We will set up a team of seasoned engineers and add specialists as your project grows. So you can concentrate on scaling your business, not recruitment hassles.

Team augmentation

Speed up development and strengthen your team with senior React.js engineers and more than a decade of practical experience in complex frontend development. We offer the flexibility you need to quickly ramp up or reorganize your team and meet your delivery goals.
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Add powerful tech stack to React.js development services

Find a reliable tech partner once, and you will never have to struggle with tech talent shortage again. It sounds almost too good, and yet it is true. As a full-cycle software development company, we can help you create a modern web interface and further support your project on all tracks, be it design, backend development, data management, or DevOps automation. You can add cross-functional specialists (UX experts, mobile developers, QA, Agile managers, etc.) as your project requirements change and your product evolves. Check our core tech stack and see how we could help you reach your project objectives faster.

    Major programming languages, libraries and frameworks

    • Angular
    • Vue.js
    • Node.js
    • .NET
    • Java
    • Python
Cloud & DevOps

    Top cloud platforms and infrastructure management tools

    • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
    • Jenkins
    • TeamCity
    • ELK, Grafana
    • Prometheus, New Relic
    • Docker, Kubernetes

    Robust data management and storage solutions

    • MS SQL Server
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • DynamoDB
    • Google BigQuery

Tap into the benefits of React.js with Digiteum

Join Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox, and dozens of other heavyweight brands that choose React to build successful applications.

Lightning speed

Opt for app development services with React.js to give your application super-speed and outstanding performance. It's good for SEO, it's great for users, and it's an absolute win for your business.


Reuse React components and effortlessly scale your application without creating unnecessary dependencies and complexity. React is all about reusability, simplicity and efficiency.

Fast delivery

Reduce development friction, boost team productivity and accelerate time to market by using development services with React.js. We will help you leverage rich React.js resources without draining yours.

Optimized costs

React offers component-based development and plenty of tools for writing quality code, debugging and deployment. So that your team could ace tight delivery timeline, and you could keep your project costs under control.

Client success stories

Companies from all over the world from Canada to the UK to Australia choose Digiteum as a React.js application development company for long-term collaboration.

Open case study

Complete UX/UI redesign and reengineering of a legacy web application to help an established photo print service provider reclaim market leadership, increase sales and introduce new lines of products and services.

Open case study

Team extension allows the client to double development speed, set up effective DevOps and test automation practices, and enhance productivity by engaging top engineers for React application development services.

Open case study

Transforming a poorly functioning app into a fully-fledged online platform for mobile donations and peer-to-peer communication. The project included profound review, testing, debugging, reengineering, and deployment of a cross-platform application.

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