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Custom .NET software development

Use .NET to create reliable, secure and effortlessly scalable applications that empower your business and engage your customers. We will help you develop new and modernize existing digital systems by providing time-proven .NET software development services. Whether you are looking for a dedicated full-stack .NET team to build a new system from scratch or need help with an ongoing .NET project, we have your back.

Digiteum .net development services

We provide a wide range of .NET development services and develop software of any scale from large user-centric web platforms to custom applications for business process automation.

Complex web application development is our forte and core tech expertise. We design and build interactive high-performing web applications and web portals fast and effectively by using the best practices of software development in .NET ecosystem.
Leverage cloud to build scalable, reliable and secure solutions, create effective data pipelines and bring flexibility and resilience to your digital infrastructure. We will help you select, configure and integrate cloud services and tools for your migration or new cloud-based project.
.NET software migration
Modernize your .NET software and move to microservices to boost performance and development speed. We will help you rearchitect your application and migrate from .NET Framework to .NET without compromising the stability and integrity of your system.
Custom B2B/B2C/B2E software
Solve unique challenges of your business and drive efficiency, automation and intelligence to your operations with custom .NET software development. We create custom B2B, B2C and B2E software that will help you reach your strategic goals and future-proof your business.
Optimize resources needed to develop, support and grow your multicomponent SaaS product. Tapping into our decade-long experience in .NET, we will help you launch your system faster, scale effectively and evolve along with rapidly changing market conditions.
Build IoT applications, embedded software and big data solutions using modern .NET implementations. We will help you connect and put your physical devices online, create and support scalable infrastructure for your IoT data and build applications to monitor and manage your IoT ecosystem.
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.NET is our core technology expertise. Our .NET development services span the whole cycle of digital product development from in-depth business analysis, project management and product design to system architecture, engineering, testing and support.

    Modern and time-tested .NET technologies at your service

    • .NET Framework
    • .NET Core
    • .NET 5/6/7/8
    • ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core (MVC, WebAPI)
    • WCF, WPF
Cloud and DevOps

    Top cloud, infrastructure and data solutions for scalable apps

    • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
    • Jenkins, TeamCity, Gitlab CI
    • ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic
    • Docker, Kubernetes

    Native programming languages and top engineering tools

    • C#, F#
    • JS
    • TypeScript
    • SQL
    • Visual Studio, Rider

Digiteum is a mature .NET software development company with over 14 years in the market of custom software design, development and technology consulting. More than 70% of our development team are senior and lead .NET engineers with an average of 8+ years of tech experience and dozens of successful .NET project deliveries.

Focus on the client’s business goals, tech excellence, and agility are the key points of our work philosophy. Our seasoned .NET specialists take on end-to-end product development as dedicated teams and augment our clients’ tech teams, thus helping them cut down on development time and costs, hit the market faster, and maintain the high quality of code without compromising delivery timelines.


Leverage the power of .NET to develop secure, scalable, and high-performing software for your business. Built and supported by Microsoft and 100k engineers worldwide, .NET is your go-to technology to create digital products and services cost-effectively and fast thanks to the abundance of tools, reusable components, and a rich developer community.


.NET allows you to build for the future by supporting modern architectural approaches and cloud technologies. Your software evolves naturally as your business and amount of data grow, easily integrates with new services and expands to new markets.


.NET provides engineers with an extensive set of libraries, resources, APIs and inbuilt security for time and cost-effective development, testing, deployment and support. This is by far one of the most productive ecosystems for software development.

High performance

Outstanding performance is one of the key reasons why companies choose .NET to build fast, reliable and resilient applications. .NET-based systems handle increasing volume of data and number of requests all the while maintaining consistent user experience.


Use .NET app development services to build new and expand existing applications that can run on any platform. Cross-platform .NET technologies allow you to use one set of skills and tools to develop any type of application from microservices to desktop and mobile apps.

Our .NET projects

SMB and enterprise clients from Europe, North America and Australia trust Digiteum as a primary provider of custom .NET development services.

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A dedicated team of 20+ senior .NET engineers, project managers and QA continuously work on high-load web system development, integrations support, data and infrastructure management and help the client maintain technological edge and operational excellence for over 14 years.

Open case study

Digiteum augmented a .NET team of a fast-growing travel tech startup to develop and support a SaaS platform for vacation rental management. Since the beginning of the collaboration the client's development team doubled and the team on the Digiteum side grew 4 times.

Open case study

Digiteum has been providing .NET application development services as an official technology partner of Oxford Languages for over 7 years. Our dedicated team has developed a series of custom data processing frameworks and lexical data solutions, API and web platforms.

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