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Solve unique challenges of your business and reach your goals faster with custom Java development

Custom Java development

Create high-performing, secure and sustainable software tailored to your business and technical requirements. Experienced Java development company, we can help you with a wide range of needs, including custom software design and development, team augmentation as well as end-to-end Java application development services.

Java development team on demand

Rapidly put together a cross-functional Java development team or scale your existing project with senior Java specialists. We provide the entire spectrum of Java software development services, including web application development, cloud and big data solutions as well as Java-based software rearchitecture and modernization.

Your Java web application or web portal designed and built with scalability, performance and security in mind. We will help you select the stack and optimize project development time.
Create reliable, flexible and scalable cloud solutions with Java. We'll implement your cloud migration or new cloud-based development project using modern cloud platforms and services.
Adopt modern architecture and break down monolith into microservices to enhance performance, stability and compatibility of your system and future-proof your digital infrastructure.
Custom Java development
Benefit with custom Java development to create a system tailored to your business objectives. We will help you define requirements, develop and deliver your project on time and on budget.
Reduce the cost and time needed to build, support and effortlessly scale your SaaS digital product with versatile Java programming tools and development platform.
One of the top-rated languages for data management, security and analytics, Java is your go-to choice for embedded engineering, IoT application development and big data solutions.
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Versatile Java development company

Digiteum is your one-stop provider of software design, development and IT consulting services. Depending on your current needs, we can step in at any phase of your product development. Whether you are scaling your team and looking for seasoned Java engineers to take over the load, or ready to hand out the entire product development, we will offer an effective collaboration framework that works best for you. You can leverage our expertise and skills and find specialists for every stage of digital product evolution: business analysis, solution architecture, product design, project management, development, testing, maintenance and support. Check our core Java technology stack and the tools we use to build Java-based software.

    Modern and time-tested Java technologies at your service

    • Java, Kotlin
    • Spring, Struts, Spark, Hibernate, Vert.x, Groovy/Grails
    • Java SE, Jakarta EE, JavaFX
    • JSP, JSF, GWT, ExtGWT
Cloud and Data Tools

    Top cloud, databases and data storage for scalable apps

    • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
    • MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB, DynamoDB, Apache HBase
DevOps and QA tools

    Reliable CI/CD, infrastructure management and QA tools

    • Jenkins, TeamCity, Gitlab CI
    • ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic
    • Docker, Kubernetes
    • JUnit, TestNG, JMeter, Postman, EasyMock, Mockito

Why choose Digiteum for your Java development outsourcing needs? We have a decade-long experience in custom software development and solid expertise in over 20 industries: cleantech, eHealth and pharma, agriculture, retail, logistics, education, media, sports, etc. Our key expertise in Java includes the design and development of microservices-based web solutions, development and support of big data analytics platforms and complex ETL pipelines, enterprise applications and mobile apps for business.

We offer fast kick-off (2-4 weeks), flexible approach to changing project requirements and goals (quick team ramp-up/ramp-down) and the agility you need to keep up with rapidly-evolving market reality and business priorities. Focus on your business goals, cost control and fast time to market are the cornerstone principles of our successful collaboration.


Put the famous “write once, run everywhere” principle in action tapping into the many benefits of custom Java development. Modern Java tech stack allows you to create high-performing, sustainable applications fast and cost-effectively. Powerful frameworks, a rich set of libraries and reusable components make Java a versatile tool for building anything your business may need from scalable enterprise systems and cross-platform apps to data-heavy solutions.


Drive innovation and keep pricing under control with modern Java frameworks, big data and cloud services as well as infrastructure automation tools.


Java is one of your best choices for building robust, resilient and reliable software that withstands modern scalability, compliance and data security requirements.


Build anything from customer portals and mobile apps to large enterprise solutions with rich functionality using proven Java frameworks, libraries and tools.


Platform agnostic Java allows you to create highly portable code that will run on any hardware that has enough processing power, from edge nodes to cloud.

Our Java projects

Companies from Europe, Australia and North America choose Digiteum as a trusted Java application development company and offshore/nearshore IT services vendor.

Open case study

Digiteum helps a leading agritech company drive innovation in field analytics and farming sustainability. By augmenting their Java team, we enable cost-effective MVP development and faster time to market.

Open case study

A dedicated team of Java application developers, DevOps and QA engineers joined the client's effort to build an AWS-based microservice-focused platform with a complex ETL pipeline in less than a year.

Open case study

Digiteum developed a feature-rich Kotlin-based application and web admin connected to Android scanners for automated inventory management in different storage facilities (warehouse, assembly space, etc.)

Start your Java project
Build a dedicated development center or strengthen your tech team with an experienced Java web development company. We have in-house UX/UI designers, senior engineers, DevOps, QA and agile management specialists ready to get on your project and start making impact within weeks.
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