Agriculture Software Development Solutions

Make your agriculture practices more efficient, sustainable and profitable with the help of the latest technologies and agricultural software adapted to your needs.

Agriculture software development services

We provide a wide range of services from custom software development in agriculture to technology and innovation consulting for professionals in the organic, nutrition, agriculture
and aquaculture industries.

Web and mobile tools

Equip your business and people with useful digital tools and stay relevant in a fast-changing world. We offer full-cycle agriculture software development services, including website design and development, web and mobile agritech app development, Cloud-based system and platform development.

IoT and smart farming

Explore the limitless possibilities of Internet of Things technology. Use it to increase the efficiency of core agricultural processes. Our team can help you bring your sensors and devices online and create a working ecosystem to make sense of all the data they create.

Data analytics and visualization

Make sure your data works for you. Build custom data software for agriculture to reduce or fully eliminate paperwork, work with telemetry data in real-time and leverage historical data for informed planning and strategizing.

Intelligent algorithms

Integrating machine intelligence into farming can give you a real edge — introduce precision agriculture practices and automation, reduce waste and drive sustainability. We can create smart algorithms and predictive models to improve every step of your business process from planning to harvesting and sales.

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Benefits of agriculture software built by Digiteum

Automate processes

Build agribusiness software solutions with Digiteum to automate workflows like field or livestock monitoring, irrigation and pest management, people coordination and agtech control.

Increase nutritional value

Develop custom tracking systems to receive granular data on your product in real-time, adjust treatment along its lifecycle, and maximize both the quality and quantity of your yields.

Improve farm management

Use digital tools to gain visibility into your processes and remotely control them from your laptop, mobile phone or other devices of your choice.

Reduce cost

Integrate precision agriculture software to optimize the use of resources, minimize waste and maintain reasonable cost balance.

Make informed planning

Using data analytics and visualization tools, you get access to precious insights that help you practice proactive and informed planning and get predictably strong results.

Meet sustainability goals

Leverage unlimited capabilities of digital technology to reach your sustainability goals faster and meet increasing requirements to cut carbon footprint and enhance food security.

Our technologies

Either you are looking for agriculture app development services to build a practical mobile application, or need an experienced technology consultant to shape your idea of agricultural software, you are in the right space. Our analysts, designers, architects and engineers have rich knowledge and skills to help you turn your idea into reality.

Web development

We have a decade-long experience in web development enough to design and build a system of practically any complexity. Our services include UX/UI design, custom website and web app development as well as creating high load platforms and cloud-based system from the ground up. We carefully select the tech stack and development strategy to make sure your system is reliable and secure, can scale up on demand, evolve and stay relevant over time.

Mobile app development

We have diverse skills and toolset to provide a wide range of agritech app development services, including UX/UI design and native and cross-platform Android and iOS app development services. Using our technical expertise, we help businesses make the most of mobile platforms, connectivity options and the features and capabilities of modern smartphones and deliver location-aware, practical mobile apps for agriculture.

IoT and data solutions

We have experience in working with major hardware and IoT platforms, big data processing, analytics and visualization tools as well as machine intelligence technologies. Using our IoT and big data competence and knowledge, we can build smart agriculture software solutions including embedded software for IoT devices and infrastructures, unique data analytics and processing pipelines and tools to deliver crucial insights for decision-makers.

Our process

We stick to agile approach and proactive project management to make sure we will deliver a useful and relevant digital system in optimum time. We start quick, test a lot and maintain transparency to keep all the stakeholders in the loop.

We start with a profound business analysis and market research to build a success-oriented strategy for your digital product.
We believe in the power of practical design, so we make sure UX/UI we build are not just a pretty (inter)face, but also smart and convenient.
Using our profound technology expertise, we choose the optimum stack and build a robust and scalable system.
We provide QA services, make sure the new system smoothly integrates into your business process and monitor the performance to optimize it if needed.
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