Big Data Analytics Services and Data Management

Make your data the foundation for your strategic advantage and business agility

Big data services

Access a wide range of big data services to solve any challenge on your way from raw data to business-critical insights. Be it lack of cloud or big data expertise, issues with infrastructure setup and scalability, cost uncertainty, and even troubles with growing complexity. We will help you overcome these and every other barrier to a become an insight-driven business.

One big data service provider for all your needs

Solve your pressing big data needs fast and cost-effectively. Find the service you are looking for and contact our specialists to speed up your project development, and as a result, access to quality business insights.

Big data engineering

Design, develop and deliver a scalable solution of any complexity with end-to-end big data software development services. Our services cover the full cycle of data product development from solution architecture and implementation to ETL/ELT pipeline development and performance optimization.

Big data analytics

Integrate modern business intelligence, advanced analytics, and data science tools to generate insights faster and discover previously unavailable connections, dependencies, and trends that will help you refine your business strategy and avoid the risks before they manifest.

Data visualization

Explore insights and drill in your data with interactive visualizations and dashboards that you can easily configure and reconfigure according to your current needs. We will select and integrate top-of-the-line visualization platforms or design and build custom tools to help you make sense of your data.

Data infrastructure

Manageable infrastructure is an essential component of a successful product, be it a fleet of sensor-based devices or a BDaaS solution. We will set up an effective, scalable infrastructure to ensure security and reliability throughout the entire data lifecycle, automate data flow, and optimize time to insight.

Big data management

Get on top of the ever-growing volume of data and proliferating sources without risk of losing control over increasing complexity. Leverage our big data management services to design, develop and support reliable (and customizable!) pipelines that work like a clock and deliver insights when you need them.

Big data consulting

Find answers to your major concerns from big data costs to governance to quality control by consulting with a battle-tested big data development company. We will help you evaluate your data potential and infrastructure, define key objectives and select a set of tools and practices for your goals and your budget.
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Rely on top technologies and expertise

Extracting pure value from data is not rocket science, but it is science. And it takes practical experience in data engineering and management, solid DataOps practices, and a wide array of modern tools that help turn data into gold.

    Industry-standard programming languages and engineering tools

    • C/C++
    • Python
    • Java
    • Scala

    Cloud infrastructure, warehouse and big data as a service solutions

    • Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
    • Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, OpenTSDB, Elasticsearch, Snowflake
    • Azure Cosmos DB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Apache HBase

    Major analytics, visualization and machine intelligence tools

    • Spark ML
    • SciPy
    • PyTorch
    • ELK, Prometheus, New Relic, Grafana

Digiteum is a time-proven big data services vendor with decade-long experience in digital and hands-on knowledge in data engineering and management. Our broad skill set and services for big data management, analytics and engineering allow us to engage the right specialists at different stages of project development from solution architecture to dashboard design and modelling to end-to-end development and support.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated team to kickstart your project from square one or need extra hands and brainpower to design and develop sleek and practical dashboards, augment your engineering team, provide big data analytics services, and even help with migrating your assets to the cloud, you can count on us.


We will help you turn data into the fuel, propulsion, and navigation system for your business.

Insight-driven strategy

Replace guesswork with evidence-based decision-making. Tap into your insights to discover business opportunities, identify solutions to your challenges, and find cost optimization areas.


Future-proof your product, organization, and entire business by getting the right information, at the right time. Get the insights that allow you to not only immediately respond to changes, but predict them and maneuver accordingly.

Operational excellence

Partner with an experienced big data services company to develop the tools and infrastructure you need to gain speed, maintain your strategic advantage and reach your operational goals.


Cut costs and inefficiencies with data-driven automation. We will help you identify automation opportunities, select the right tools, develop an automated workflow, and integrate it into your operations and tech infrastructure.

Client success stories

SMB and enterprise clients in retail, healthcare, energy, agriculture, logistics, and other industries trust Digiteum as their first choice for a big data company.

Open case study

US-based media streaming company chose Digiteum as a big data service provider to develop an ELK-based analytics and visualization tool to monitor music streaming insights in real-time and analyze customer engagement and conversions. Based on this analysis, the company and its customers can now make evidence-based product optimization decisions and deliver better music experiences thus boosting conversions, user engagement and retention.

Open case study

Our cross-functional dedicated team (senior software engineers, data scientists, DevOps and QA engineers) helped Diaceutics develop a world-first solution for precision medicine and deliver the product in a record 8-month term. The team was directly involved in ETL pipeline development and support, infrastructure setup and maintenance as well as big data project management services. Since its launch in 2020, this cloud-based solution has been scaling consistently and won a number of awards in the health tech and pharma fields.

Open case study

Official technology partner of Oxford Languages since 2016, Digiteum designs, develops and supports custom software for unstructured and semi-structured lexical data processing. Our dedicated team has created a custom framework and big data management solutions to develop digital dictionaries and lexical data sets quickly and cost-effectively. These products are used worldwide to build multilingual applications and NLP solutions, train ML models, and drive innovation in language technology.

Hire an experienced big data company to handle your most valuable resource
Looking for a skilled big data management company to help you handle large volumes of data, evaluate and pick the right technologies, and develop a scalable ecosystem able to consistently provide you with actionable business insights? Or need help with your ongoing project to optimize costs and reach your delivery goals faster? Contact our specialists and request a no-obligation consultation to start.
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