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    Vacation Rental Software

    Lodgify SaaS platform

    Lodgify is a fast-growing funded travel startup based in Barcelona. The company created a vacation rental management software — Lodgify SaaS platform with the biggest channel management portfolio in the industry.

    Lodgify web platform provides property owners and managers with a wide range of tools to automate booking workflow, manage guest experience, customize rates and sync reservations across all major travel channels such as Airbnb or Booking.

    Aside from that, the platform allows customers to use a template-based vacation rental website design and development toolkit and build mobile-optimized bookable websites. One of the goals of the Lodgify team is to help hosts generate more direct bookings and increase revenue from their own online channels and marketing.

    Vacation rental software interface
    All-in-one SaaS platform for vacation rental management
    Vacation rental software interface

    Lodgify is a mature cloud-based platform, and it is constantly evolving.

    Our role

    Lodgify is a mature cloud-based platform, and it is constantly evolving. Currently, more than a hundred engineers work on the project — develop new functionality, improve system efficiency, and enable scalability.

    By the end of 2019, Lodgify faced the need to augment their engineering team and add competence to the project. The company assigned Digiteum to find skilled .NET engineers with .NET Core knowledge and experience in working with modern frameworks and microservices environment. Сandidates would need to blend in with a distributed multicultural team and contribute on several fronts, including integration with third-party systems, microservices development and building new features for vacation rental software.

    We conducted a series of interviews and qualified senior engineers who matched all skill requirements and easily synced with the company’s processes and culture. Today, our engineers work full-time as an integral part of the Lodgify team, and we are looking to further augment their capabilities and add more talent to the project.

    Looking for a team for a vacation rental software development project?

    Centralized SaaS platform for vacation rental management

    Lodgify is a feature-rich all-in-one web platform. It was designed and built to meet the needs of different customers from individual entrepreneurs who have several apartments for rent to managers who oversee dozens of properties around the world.

    One of the major components of Lodgify’s custom vacation rental software is a channel manager. It is integrated with large travel platforms (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway/Vrbo) and industry-specific business tools (PriceLabs, CheKin, etc.) for scheduling, analytics and rate management. Using channel manager, Lodgify’s customers get visibility and full control over their listings across different channels in one place. It helps optimize the time and cost of property management, prevent double booking and keep all the operations in sync.

    The engineers on the Digiteum side work on the connectivity and integration components, contribute to the development, support and extension of third-party integrations and rates management system. They are also engaged in building and deploying new features.

    In response to the new C19 cleaning protocols adopted throughout renting platforms, Lodgify promptly deployed new features to adjust scheduling and add a 24-hour buffer between bookings.

    Together with the rest of the Lodgify team, our .NET engineers help develop and improve the .NET Core microservice environment, create a scalable and efficient backend and maintain a good quality of code and deployment practices.

    Vacation rental software interface

     Optimize property management, prevent double booking and keep all the operations in sync.

    Vacation rental software interface
    Lodgify is integrated with large travel platforms and industry-specific business tools for scheduling, analytics and rate management.
    Vacation rental software interface


    • Adding skills and competence to the client’s .NET backend team on a vacation rental software project.
    • Efficient integration into the client’s multicultural distributed team of 100+ engineers.
    • Continuous work on third-party system integrations and support, connectivity, new features and microservices development.
    • Modern development and deployment practices including Scrum framework, code review, CI/CD.


    CLIENT: Lodgify
    YEAR: 2019-ongoing

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