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Digiteum is a custom software development company. We design and develop digital systems for SMB and enterprise clients across the globe and follow these simple, yet profound principles of successful collaboration:

Responsibility. Your goals are also our goals. We stand by our words and take responsibility for every deadline, decision and choice we make.

Proactivity. We know when to step in, lead, suggest and leverage our experience for the benefit of the project. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

Trust. Trust is a solid ground for successful collaboration. We nurture it through transparent communication, commitment and full understanding between clients and teams.

Best practices. We are strong advocates of functional design, efficient engineering practices and technical excellence.


Digiteum short facts

Digiteum Team

Digiteum is a full-stack team with a diverse skill set. We cover all aspects of the software development cycle, including business analysis, software architecture, design, development and testing as well as project management. More than half of our team are senior engineers with 10+ years of experience in software development. We live and operate in Poland, one of the major tech hubs in Europe, and frequently travel to our clients and partners when possible.

We are different, each with unique skills, expertise and talents. But we are also a community of like-minded people and good friends.


Responsible business practices

Security. The safety of our clients’ data and intellectual property is at the top of our priorities. And it is guaranteed by ISO 27001 certificate and a range of effective data security and information governance practices adopted at Digiteum. We always respect the client’s know-how and the terms of NDA.

Guaranteed quality. We strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our effective working process and sustainably high quality of deliveries are guaranteed by ISO 9001 certificate and a proven track record.

Dedication. We maintain focus on the technologies and practices that bring value to the communities, ecosystems and humankind. Clean energy, healthcare, inclusive technology and education are some of the major domains our team has been working on for a decade.

Business integrity and fair competition. We respect our clients and partners and avoid any conflict of interest that may appear in the fair market environment. Under no circumstances do we tolerate any form of fraud and corruption.

Support. We support several important initiatives as a technology provider and an independent business. In 2019, we launched an annual IoT Scholarship Program for computer engineering and science students who seek to make a positive impact with the help of digital technology.

Quality of health and wellbeing. Maintaining a work-life balance and a safe working environment is important for us. Thanks to the team’s commitment and well-established processes in place, we managed to promptly respond to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have supplied the offices with all necessary safety equipment and created an efficient remote-friendly environment convenient for our team members, clients and partners. Learn about our COVID-19 Policy.

Equality. We stand for equal opportunities for all our team members and support their pursuit of professional and personal growth. More than half of our leadership board as well as the entire teams are talented women in business and tech. We oppose any form of discrimination and strongly support diversity and inclusivity across all our departments, teams and positions.

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Our tech and business leaders openly share their unique knowledge and expertise on media, online events, meetups and conferences held all over the globe.

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