Nov 22, 2023

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Web Summit 2023 Wrap-up

Missed Web Summit 2023? No worries. We are happy to give you a taste of it and share the insights and firsthand experience from our powerhouse team, Anastasiya Shauchuk and Georgy Romelashvili.

But first…

Web Summit 2023 in numbers. Just to set up the mood.

  • 70,236 attendees
  • 153 countries
  • 16 stages
  • 2,608 startups
  • 2,100 media attendees
Web Summit

Now that you can imagine the scale of it all, check the five hottest tech topics of Web Summit ’23 that we will be talking about through 2024. (And probably later on.)

All things AI

Surprise! No, seriously, the trend of AI was so massive this year that it overshadowed all other tech trends and spread into every industry you would come across at the event. AI in Sales, AI in Sport, AI in AI… Last year, it was a blend of web3, blockchain, crypto, robotics, you name it. This year is the domination of AI.

Responsible use of tech

Along with the dominating AI trend come important conversations about how we are going to regulate, assess risks, and take responsibility for the increasing impact of modern technologies. It does look like we are a few years late to the party, seeing how quickly the generative AI has been expanding. But having this conversation at such an influential event is a huge step forward.

Web Summit


Just like last year, sustainability was a big topic at the Web Summit 2023. It’s a feast for the eyes to see so many innovative cleantech solutions and sustainability initiatives. Especially now that we are facing increasing demand for energy in the wake of growing AI and big data.

Web Summit

New generations, new perspectives, new vision

Seamless multilingual communication, AI-augmented operations, self-driving transportation, universal basic income… There were many predictions and visions of how we and the generations after us will live and work. One of the interesting takeaways was the idea that AI tools will help cut the time to gain valuable skills and bridge the gap between seasoned specialists and beginners. (You see? AI again.)

Metaverse and VR

Metaverse was in the spotlight last year and continued gaining attention in tandem with advanced VR in 2023. Looks like it’s here to stay.

Web Summit

All in all, Web Summit 2023 was gargantuan — ambitious, diverse, and futuristic. Massive thanks to everyone who had a hand in creating the event, and especially to Invest in Pomerania for making this fantastic experience possible for our team. Till the next year!

P. S.

Check Georgy Romelashvili’s unique insights from the event. There are a few mind-blowing numbers that will spark your curiosity.