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donation apps development
Thinking of You app is “the most thoughtful place on your mobile.”


A UK-based company, Thinking of You reinvented donation app development and created a brand new way for the like-minded people to stay connected and support the charities that matter to them and their close ones.

Thinking of You app enables anyone to safely and simply make donations to different organizations and charities, share meaningful thoughts with the people they care and match words with good deeds by supporting each other’s favorite charities.

The main goal of this project is to uncomplicate the donation process, help charities expand their support networks and make the app “the most thoughtful place on your mobile.”

donation apps development
donation apps development
Digiteum helped fix and improve the app and release a well-functioning product.

Our role

Thinking of You didn’t need to build a mobile donation app from scratch. They had the application designed and developed before and experienced a range of problems with it.

When reaching out to Digiteum, the client was looking for a skilled team to review and test their application, troubleshoot code and deployment issues, debug, offer alterations, add functionality and release a renewed and well-functioning application.

Digiteum team performed digital consulting, analytics and development services, implemented all the necessary tests, fixes and modifications and ensured the app was up and running. After months of collaboration with the client — debugging, development, improvements and testing — Digiteum team transformed a poorly functioning mobile app into an operating product, enhanced its functionality and helped roll it out to the market.

donation apps development
donation apps development
Thinking of You app is a one-stop place for meaningful communication and good deeds.

Cross-platform app for mobile donations and peer-to-peer communication

Thinking of You cross-platform mobile app is built on React Native and easily accessible on App Store and Google Play. It works as a digital tool for online donations and a micro-social network for like-minded people.

On one side, the app allows people to easily and securely donate money to any charity registered in the app or suggest adding a new organization that is not yet listed. Once approved by the Charity Aid Foundation, the new organization is added to the list of available charities. Up to this point, there are over 60 UK-based big and smaller charities to choose from, including Shelter and Children with Cancer UK.

On the other side, Thinking of You app is a one-stop place for meaningful communication and good deeds. Using the app, people can share thoughts and words of support with other app users or anyone from the contact list on their phones. Via the app’s ‘favorite’ charity feature, users can add donations to their thoughts and show people they care by supporting their favorite charities. Thus, the app helps promote socially positive and responsible behavior among peers.

Currently, the app is gaining popularity in UK charity app development arena. It has a strong potential to scale up globally and help develop a new consumer donation behavior.

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donation apps development
Digiteum team transformed a poorly functioning mobile app into an operating product.

Mobile donation app development and consulting services

Digiteum team didn’t need to build a donation app from zero, but make a profound analytics and performance review of an existing app, identify and troubleshoot its issues, fix bugs, consult the client on possible modifications and improvements as well as implement all the necessary alterations and add payment methods. The team had to work on the app’s features, refine, make sure they work perfectly and meet project requirements. Among the main features are:

  • Secure donation payments using cards, Apply Pay and Google Pay.
  • One-off and recurring payments configuration.
  • User authentification based on a phone number.
  • Twilio-based messaging with text and images.
  • In-app push notifications.
  • Customization of charity lists and assigning favorite charities for different users.
  • Custom user ‘thoughts’ feed and donation history.
  • Gift Aid option, etc.
donation apps development
Make donations, share meaningful thoughts and match words with good deeds.


  • Analytics, testing and development services to fix and improve a cross-platform mobile app.
  • React Native mobile apps development and deployment.
  • Optimization of app performance and image load speed.
  • Testing and implementation of third-party integrations (Twilio, Stripe, Push Notifications, Firebase, etc.).
  • Integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay payment services.
  • AWS-based backend data storage and management.
  • Modern engineering practices, including code review, unit testing, pair programming, etc.
  • Best practices of app development for iOS and Android using cross-platform tools.
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