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Rollomatic case study
Rollomatic (CH)
Web application for manufacturing
RMonitor web and mobile applications for production monitoring.


Rollomatic is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-precision CNC machines serving medical, dental, aerospace, automotive/EV, and other industries. Born and based in Switzerland, the company combines the tradition of Swiss engineering with the modern practices of Industry 4.0 to bring precision, connectivity, and automation into manufacturing, assembly, and supply chain.

In 2022, Rollomatic set a goal to scale up their software portfolio and equip customers with new and improved applications for production monitoring. They decided to develop a mobile app and upgrade their cloud-based web application, providing customers with a 360-degree view of the production process and machines’ efficiency on any device. To do that, they needed a skilled tech team with experience in mobile and web application development that could meet the high bar for quality and communication standards.

Web application for manufacturing
Mobile application for manufacturing
360-degree view of the production process and machines’ efficiency on any device.

Our role

Collaboration with Digiteum helped Rollomatic to quickly and effectively add a mobile channel to their monitoring platform and enhance the performance and user experience on their web application.

We kicked off with the cross-functional team to design and develop feature-rich native mobile apps which we then upgraded through several iterations.

After successfully releasing the apps, we restructured the team and switched to the Client’s web application. We engaged a senior frontend developer to refactor the application, migrate to the modern Angular framework, and rebuild the interface, adding new features and modules and improving the performance of the monitoring platform.

Very good expertise of the Digiteum team and the technologies they use. Very professional in communication style and responsiveness. Good customer support and issue resolution processes.

Freidy Mouhamad ali, CTO
Rollomatic logo
Mobile application for manufacturing
Design and development of native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Building native mobile applications in record time

We started with the design and development of native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Part of the MyRollomatic platform, the apps would give the Rollomatic customers easy around-the-clock access to the essential information about their machine production and performance right on their smartphones. The scope of the project included:

  • Design of a user-friendly RMonitor mobile app that combines rich functionality and unique brand identity.
  • Development and release of native applications for iOS and Android.
  • Integration with cloud-based backend to retrieve data and enable real-time monitoring of production progress and machine performance on mobile.
  • Implementation of core features for production monitoring, including notifications, filters, workshop status, and production cycle updates.
  • Localization into French, German, and Italian.
  • Subsequent app upgrades based on performance and feedback.

The project had a tight deadline and required excellent communication and premium quality standards to deliver flawless applications on time. Since launch, the apps have received positive feedback and become an integral part of the RMonitor platform for Rollomatic customers.

Mobile application for manufacturing full screen
Web application for manufacturing
Modernized web application, boosted performance, and extended functionality.

Web application refactoring and reengineering

In 2023, we continued working on RMonitor, this time focusing on improving the performance and user experience of the RMonitor web application. The scope of the project included:

  • Refactoring of the Angular application and migration to the latest frontend frameworks and libraries to enhance performance and speed.
  • Reengineering of the web application based on a new modern design with a focus on seamless user experience.
  • Implementation of core features for production monitoring, including notifications, filters, workshop status, and production cycle updates.
  • Development of new features and modules for production monitoring, analytics, reporting, and data export.

During this 2-phase project, we achieved all major goals — modernized the application, boosted its performance, developed a new interface, and extended functionality. The application showed clear improvements and was successfully deployed to production. The project was implemented in a very agile manner with quick release cycles and regular demos for flexibility, efficiency, and transparency.

Working closely with Rollomatic was one of the pillars of our success. Their clear vision, unique knowledge, and on-point feedback have guided us through the project. We achieved remarkable results together, met and even surpassed expectations.

Piotr Kapica, Delivery Manager
Mobile application for manufacturing
Around-the-clock access to the essential information about machine production and performance.


  • Design, development, and release of native mobile apps for manufacturing.
  • Web application refactoring and migration to new frontend frameworks and libraries.
  • Improvement of web application performance and user experience.
  • UI reengineering and development of new modules for monitoring, reporting, and data export.
  • Agile development practices (Scrum) and the latest tech stack (Xamarin, Angular, HTML5/CSS3, TypeScript, NgRx, d3.js, etc.)
  • Modern engineering and deployment practices (unit testing, CI/CD).
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