Aug 23, 2017

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Experienced chatbot maker among 130+ agencies

Chatbot Development Landscape is a round-up on development agencies that direct their resources and efforts to design and engineer bots and introduce this technology to the world of tech and muggles. When Botmakers were creating the newest list of chatbot market players, they included Digiteum as one of promising chatbot makers in this field. Here’s why.


chatbot maker

Digiteum is not a newbie on the market. In collaboration with BAM Mobile, Digiteum has developed two chatbots for a world-known publisher and retailer Pan Macmillan: Book of the Day Skill for Amazon Alexa and Pan Macmillan Bot for Facebook Messenger.

Both chatbots provide book recommendations and help customers order books on Amazon via smooth conversation, voice or text. In other words, bots drive sales to publisher’s products, increase brand awareness among built-in messengers and Amazon Alexa audience, off-load sales team by automating book recommendation and ordering, and finally, improve customer experience enabling two additional channels of product and service distribution. This is especially relevant during burning hot seasons, by the way.

Another big chatbot solution is Hindi Bot developed for the Dictionaries division of Oxford University Press. Why big? First, it attracts traffic to Hindi Living Dictionaries website, part of Oxford Global Languages initiative. Thus, it fosters the initiative and Hindi language online representation. Secondly, it has Hindi interface. In other words, it is a rare non-English bot. And this is a big deal.

Another bot created by Digiteum – Chatter – also contributes to online education using grand knowledge of Oxford Dictionaries. Chatter uses Oxford Dictionaries API to provide English and Spanish learners with individual language tutoring. Just like Hindi bot, it applies gamification to teach language and edutain. Just like Pan Macmillan, it provides everyone with personalized content based on user input.

There are more.


chatbot maker

Commitment to strategic approach is another thing that makes Digiteum exceptional. Whatever project the team undertakes, be it chatbot or other technology, it starts with a thorough strategy.

  1. First, Digiteum team analyzes client’s focus and goals, digital assets and infrastructure, studies market, customers, target audience and competition to understand client’s standing.
  2. Next, our strategists suggest the technology, platforms and approach to create a chatbot solution that aligns with client’s business goals and becomes of true value.
  3. Then, Digiteum designers and engineers create a chatbot, provide necessary integrations with third-party systems, make a test drive and launch the solution on the selected platform(s).
  4. Finally, we apply analytics and monitoring tools to make quality control, analyze product’s performance, ensure everything works as it originally supposed to and collect feedback that allows us to improve the solution and scale it if needed.


chatbot maker

Digiteum team consists of diverse talents.

Analysts and strategists help companies understand and apply the benefits of chatbot technology to particular business case and ensure the chatbots we develop perform and bring value to their owners.

Designers and engineers create effective conversational interface and develop chatbot's personality.

Engineers select tools and create the technology behind a chatbot and carefully integrate it into company’s existing infrastructure.

All together the team of Digiteum specialists perform as a single organism to make sure project outcome meets expectations and eventually the chatbot solution brings value to the business and customers it serves.

And this is what makes a talented team a promising development agency.

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