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learn hindi online app
Hindi Bot — chatbot that uses gamification to teach Hindi.

Hindi Chatbot for OUP

Second most spoken language in the world, Hindi has been the focus of attention for a while already. Soon after Oxford Languages included Hindi into their Global Languages initiative, they assigned Digiteum Dictionaries Conversion team to converse Hindi Dictionaty into the online format.

Today, the online Hindi Dictionary is in wide use. It’s enough to mention Microsoft, Amazon, Google that apply massive linguistic data accumulated by OUP.

Later, OUP decided to further improve online Hindi Dictionary and encourage visitors to contribute to Hindi language storage. Thus, Digiteum has built a chatbot embedded in Oxford’s online Hindi Dictionary homepage.

Hindi chatbot uses gamification to attract language learners and scholars to the website and help them learn Hindi online and enlarge their vocabulary in a simple chat-like manner. At the same time, it encourages users to contribute to Hindi language storage. In other words, the chatbot’s conversational interface is a user magnet for Hindi Dictionary website.

Hindi Bot pops up as a plugin to offer visitors a guess-a-word game. Integrated with Oxford Dictionaries API, this chatbot offers a variety of word definitions provided by Oxford. The game entertains and helps users learn Hindi online, encourages them to interact with the website and leave their feedback. Just like that, one Hindi Bot becomes a marketing tool that brings more quality traffic to the website.

learn hindi online app
learn hindi online app
The backend of Hindi Bot is the CMS that manages chatbot conversation logic and user input.

Backend and frontend for Hindi chatbot

The backend of Hindi Bot is the CMS that manages chatbot conversation logic, output data transferred via Oxford Dictionaries API and processes user input. Thanks to its rich storage of scenarios, the system can handle multiple user requests and keep up with the dialogs providing logical feedback. It uses algorithms to pick up content from the user’s query, decode it, and respond with a relevant answer.

The frontend of the chatbot is simple and light. Its conversation interface is reusable and can be adjusted to multiple platforms: Facebook, Telegram, Slack, SMS, Kik, Skype, etc. Moreover, it has the potential to scale up as an application for B2B and B2C communication for various purposes.

learn hindi online app
Chatbot can handle multiple user requests and keep up with dialogs providing logical feedback


  • Integration with Oxford Languages lexical data storage.
  • Simple human-like conversational interface with rich dialog scenarios.
  • Multilanguage support with broad application potential across platforms and industries.
  • Customer engagement through gamification and edutainment.
  • Marketing tool that encourages users to learn Hindi online and contribute to Hindi Dictionaries, a part of Oxford’s Global Languages initiative.
  • Customizable solution with infinite opportunities if applied in other service industries, both B2B and B2C.
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