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Senior Python Engineer

Digiteum, a fast-growing cross-functional software development company, is looking for a Senior Python Engineer to work on an IoT platform for cargo ship intelligence.

Our Client provides an IT platform for tracking ships participating in various sea voyages. The system automatically collects data on the amount of fuel, weather, speed of movement and others. Based on the data, various graphs are built, and by using advanced analytics and machine learning, companies get the best possible travel routes for the ship to reduce the cost of fuel, which is the number one cost for the ship. The platform also stores all travel information in the database to ensure travel safety. All this makes life easier for logistics companies and owners of large fleets.

As a Senior Python Engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing and developing backend functionalities of the platform, including data processing, storage, APIs for internal and external usage, creating monitoring tools and automations.

  • Building and delivery of software products and/or parts of the products, code source and tools, including web services, user interfaces, data structure, data storage, APIs, infrastructure, computational jobs, KPIs, reports, analytics, data pipelines, algorithms, architecture, models and machine learning algorithms.
  • Improvements of the quality of our products, including patches of existing code, bug fixes, remote servers administration, monitoring, maintenance, incidents resolving.
  • Delivery of patches for past deployments, complex consulting services and assistance with upgrades.
  • Delivery of tests, including unit tests, functional tests, manual tests, test cases documentation, static code analysis, edge cases verification, CI/CD tools and procedures.
  • Data processing services including execution as well as design and implementation of: data cleaning, pre-processing, filtering, ques, prioritization, scheduling, infrastructure, data storage, data transfers, networking, and routing, including effective data management, storage and memory optimization.
  • Delivery of professional documentation, ordered analysis and reports.
  • Delivery according to the order with a frequent partial results verification with the Company according to Scrum and/or Kanban methodology.
  • Experience in Python programming, version 3.6+.
  • Experience in Cloud-based solutions like AWS and/or Azure.
  • Experience in Django Rest Framework (preferred), Flask or FastAPI.
  • Experience developing REST APIs.
  • Experience in object-oriented analysis and design, Design Patterns.
  • Experience in Agile software development process based on Scrum and working in Scrum teams.
  • Experience in version control systems like Git.
  • Experience in software testing using unit and integration tests combined with code reviews.
  • Experience developing data processing pipelines in Python, using Argo or Airflow.
  • Familiarity with Jupyter Notebooks and Python libraries like pandas or NumPy.
  • Experience in Linux, Docker.
  • Experience in database technologies like Postgres and SQL.
  • Good communication skills, able to inform colleagues clearly and concisely in English, both written and spoken.
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