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Guest Contributors team is a collective of industry experts and content specialists with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience sharing their insights, strategic perspectives, and innovative ideas across business and technology.
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Best Practices for Your SaaS Product Development The SaaS market is a fierce battleground where simply doing things well isn’t enough to stand out. Following all the SaaS development best practices you can find is like searching for a “press to win” button in a pool of props. And yet, you need to tap into [...]
SaaS Product Design: 6 Best Practices and Tips for Success According to Statista, the global SaaS market is projected to reach $232.3 billion in 2024, demonstrating an impressive 18% growth. This proves that organizations and users worldwide continue to embrace various software-as-a-service solutions. The reasons are obvious: simplicity, accessibility, and convenience. However, developing a successful [...]
10 Key Features for Your Customer Portal According to a recent Zendesk study, 73% of customers would switch brands they use due to a poor customer service experience. Modern clients seek convenience and high-quality support, making a well-crafted customer portal an invaluable business asset. A web-based customer portal allows users to keep in touch with [...]
Vendor Management Portal: Types, Features, and Benefits for Business Efficient vendor management is crucial for business stability and growth. Modern e-commerce is fast-paced and innovative, requiring companies to constantly improve to remain competitive. A vendor management portal is an indispensable tool for achieving these criteria. In this article, we will cover what a vendor portal [...]
B2B Self-Service Portal: Types, Features, and Benefits for Business According to McKinsey’s recent research, about 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer remote human interactions or self-service when interacting with suppliers. Considering that B2B eCommerce sales on marketplaces in the US alone reached $112 billion in 2022 and continue growing, more and more companies consider the development [...]
4 Types of Data Analytics: How Businesses Can Use Them In a world dominated by technology and digital business practices, companies have access to vast amounts of generated data from various sources. Yet, the true potential lies in the ability to interpret this data effectively. How can one pinpoint valuable information from a huge clutter? [...]
Difference between Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing in IoT Cloud computing is the most widely-used form of IoT data management. Along with cloud computing, fog and edge computing have been widely used to increase the speed and efficiency of data processing and bring intelligence closer to IoT devices that create data (sensors) and act on [...]
The Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in Facility Management Running a facility is a task that encompasses a wide range of day-to-day responsibilities, be it hospitality, healthcare, or a different industry. Keeping track of documentation, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and safety, all while generating profit, is challenging. To stay competitive, facility [...]
How to Use Internet of Things (IoT) in the Retail Industry: Examples, Use Cases and Applications The retail industry has been riding a wave lately, which can be partly explained by the events related to the pandemic. alone made an incredible leap from an average of 2 billion monthly visitors in 2019 to 2.3 billion [...]
How to Use IoT (Internet of Things) in Logistics Industry: Successful Use Cases Logistics management requires monitoring multiple activities at once — supply chain, warehousing,  transportation, and so on. There are dozens of factors that can influence the process itself and cause delays. To streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction, industry leaders and decision-makers embrace [...]
Precision Agriculture using IoT Technology: The Future of Precision Farming The Internet of Things is gathering a ton of buzz in the infrastructure, automotive, and retail industries, among others. What is not so commonly talked about is the IoT’s most important use case yet — precision agriculture. With the food crisis our planet is at [...]
Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on Supply Chain Management IoT is a revolutionary technology for every major industry — retail, transportation, finance, healthcare, and energy. The Internet of Things shows its potential to the fullest in processes like supply chain. Management, forecasting, and oversight applications help fleet managers improve the operational efficiency of distribution [...]
How IoT Is Used in Education: IoT Applications in Education Education is not yet among the most common IoT applications. Students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders are wary when it comes to implementing connected e-learning solutions. However, as the Internet of Things platforms become more widespread and cheaper to adopt, campuses, schools, and other institutions [...]
How IoT Can Improve Construction Industry Construction is not the fastest sector in IoT adoption. Project managers and investors are still wary about implementing the technology — some don’t know how to use it, others doubt its efficiency. However, recent statistics show that it’s only a matter of time before IoT in construction becomes a [...]
Internet of Things Solution for Asset Management Clever and efficient asset management is essential for prudent use and control of resources. Thanks to using IoT in asset management, these practices have been improved in quality and speed in different fields such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare and is getting close to becoming fully autonomous and [...]
Top 10 Different Types of Sensors Used in IoT (Internet of Things) Applications The Internet of Things is a complex technology. It has several architecture layers and a network of connected devices that interact with each other to build convenient and valuable applications. Although the components of IoT systems may vary depending on the scope [...]
How Does IoT Data Collection Work? The Internet of Things is making its way into every facet of our daily lives — the vehicles we drive, the cities we live in, the way we shop, how we take care of ourselves, etc. Although all the opportunities this innovation offers are yet to be explored, business [...]
What Is Condition Monitoring And How Does Internet Of Things Improve It? Condition monitoring is a relatively new approach to equipment maintenance. To detect technical issues with a particular aspect of a machine’s functionality, technicians need to have precise measuring devices and powerful means to store data. With a powerful condition monitoring system, gathering and [...]
How to Build an IoT-based Irrigation System for Smart Agriculture Smart agriculture is a solution to many global agricultural issues, like increasing team productivity, monitoring results, communicating with other teams and sub-units, as well as controlling market tendencies. All over the world, farms are rapidly looking into adopting IoT solutions into their workflows. By 2023, [...]
Parking IoT Technologies: About Smart Parking Systems Due to the increase in car ownership, it’s getting harder to find parking spots in densely populated areas. Searching for an available lot takes up potentially productive time, increases the number of cars circulating the roads, and introduces new challenges to the infrastructure. To help city residents drive [...]
Top 7 IoT Business Ideas: Innovative IoT Use Cases When talking about the Internet of Things and business opportunities, we cannot help but turn to the statistics. The data is really impressive: just think, in 2018, the number of short-range IoT devices worldwide amounted to 7.5 billion. And this is not even close to the [...]
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