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Co-founder, Digiteum
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Michael is a co-founder and co-CEO of Digiteum. Together with Digiteum team, Michael helps businesses grow by leveraging digital technology and introducing innovation to their operations. Relying on his 25-year expertise in IT, Michael shares his knowledge and experience on an array of topics, including digital transformation, strategic planning, innovative technologies, and business growth.
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Work out a win-win strategy for negotiating IT contracts with your tech partners and vendors. In my experience, IT contract negotiation can be considered successful only if both parties – a client and a vendor – are confident with the results and believe they’ve reached a win-win agreement. On the contrary, when at least one of [...]
Key Takeaways from GBS Talks 4.0 Virtual Forum Yesterday’s GBS Talks 4.0 Virtual Forum was a real blast. Focused on the development and trends of the business support services in the European markets and, in particular, in Poland, the forum brought together business leaders, entrepreneurs, recruitment and legal professionals and opened several important topics for [...]
Digital Transformation Strategy 5-Step Plan for Business Digital transformation is everywhere. Every single business and organization in every industry is shifting towards technologies in some way. Retail brands replace storefronts with online shops, consumer services amplify their reach via web, mobile, even in virtual assistants, manufacturing goes high-tech to improve efficiency and reduce cost, some companies [...]
Do software engineers love potato? Do you love french fries? How about mashed potato with cheese? Smoked potato chips? I personally love everything about potato, be it a crispy old-fashioned potato cake or a top-notch potato launcher — a hilarious invention that could easily stand beside Elon Musk’s Flamethrower. The question I’m about to study [...]
Understanding client needs First step to successful technology partnership Why understanding the client’s business is important Customer and client understanding is important for every B2C and B2B company regardless of its domain. For a digital technology company, understanding the client’s needs and business specifics is essential. Every delivered system or service, whether you work on [...]
Managing changing project requirements How to manage changing requirements on different software development projects. Changing project requirements is a norm in software development. Today, businesses are trying to keep up with the high dynamics in the markets, technology and trends and expect the same attitude from technology vendors and partners. To keep the product up-to-date, [...]
How to present a solution effectively Often, successful collaboration in software development depends on how you present a solution to a client. If you manage to effectively communicate your concept, you kill two birds with one stone. First of all, if you translate your solution to a client and he or she gets a good [...]
Key Takeaways from Eyeforpharma Conference Annual North America’s conference eyeforpharma 2018 was truly one of the most significant events in the industry this year. To my mind, going to Philly and attending this event was more than just a good idea. This conference allowed me to actively participate and engage in various panels and talks [...]
Why Data Analytics Matters  to Your Business Forbes quotes that “big data is now a driver of revenues” according to more than 60% of senior decision-makers that took part in the Capgemini survey. Another curious takeaway from this research appoints that almost a half of c-levels already reorganize their operations to exploit the opportunities of data [...]
Digital Transformation Strategy Redefined How to catch up new horizons of business surface when it’s so supple and liquid? Simple! Build a digital transformation strategy that is as dynamic as the business itself.   At this very moment if business wants to win the attention of more than 80% of perspective customers, or close to 95% [...]
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