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HR Blizz&Mesaar case study
Mercans (UAE)
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ux design for SaaS
HR Blizz and Mesaar are SaaS suites for employment management and talent sourcing.


HR Blizz and Mesaar are two SaaS suites created by a global HR and payroll service provider Mercans. The platforms offer unique workforce services and help automate, centralize and facilitate employment management and talent sourcing.

Mercans was looking for a technology partner to provide UI/UX design services for these platforms. The company did not consider Digiteum for this job at first. However, after Digiteum successfully reinvented Mercans’ corporate identity, developed the brand book and redesigned the company’s website, Mercans trusted our UX/UI team with design of its two major products.

Digiteum provided extensive UX and UI design services for two large SaaS solutions. The team was assigned to redesign an existing job platform, design several new modules, create user experience and put together the complex structure of the online platform for HR professionals, recruiters and job seekers. Additionally, the team helped with while-label digital product design and development. This solution allows Mercans’ clients to customize and brand their recruitment services on the Mesaar platform.

user experience development
HR Blizz helps automate payroll services and improve talent management.

HR Blizz: myriad user journeys, complex structure and unique modules

HR Blizz is an HR and payroll management solution. It helps automate payroll services and improve talent management. Digiteum provided user experience design services for this platform.

At the beginning, the design team had multiple scattered pieces of the platform, undefined user journeys and several unique modules to be designed from the ground up. The challenge was to figure out all possible user flows, define the structure of online services, put it all together and turn into a consistent web platform.

Applying the best practices of web user experience design service, the team helped work out an elaborate yet clear and well-defined structure of HR Blizz services and set up a coherent user-centric experience. This task required a proactive and collaborative approach on our side and implied frequent meetings with stakeholders and working with international teams.

Digiteum designed brand new modules including admin console, dashboards for managers and a cross-platform onboarding module that enables highly detailed configuration of the candidate’s flow and associated roles. The onboarding module helps HR Blizz stand out from the competition for its flexibility and versatility.

Organizational chart is another useful service on the platform. Our team designed it as an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool to visualize the unique structure and hierarchy of the customer’s company.

user experience design development
UX UI design for SaaS
Mesaar is a global online platform for recruitment, HR management and job search.

Mesaar: custom interface for business and job seekers

Mesaar is a global online platform for recruitment, HR management and job search. Digiteum team completely redesigned Mesaar web service for job seekers and provided user interface design service to build several new modules on the platform.

The main goal on this project was to design efficient online tools for talent sourcing that would address the needs of different audiences (job seekers, recruiters, companies). To achieve this goal, the team worked our several design solutions and techniques, such as:

  • Using the balanced combination of new and familiar features traditionally used on similar portals. Referring to prior online experience improves usability, helps visitors quickly navigate and get used to the interface of the platform.
  • Adding a dynamic progress line on job portal that visualizes users’ application status. It motivates seekers to complete their profiles and increases their chances to match with relevant offers.
  • Differentiating interface for business and job seekers.
  • Providing a white-label solution that allows businesses to brand and customize their recruitment service on the Mesaar platform.
UX UI design services
dashboard design saas
Interactive dashboards and easy-to-use navigation tools.

UI/UX design services for a global service provider

Working on online services with such a strong focus on global outreach can be challenging and always implies high responsibility.

Importantly, when providing UX design services, the team took into consideration the diversity of the target audience and specifics of the employment processes in different countries. When designing modules for HR Blizz platform, for example, our designers had to develop individual journeys for the users from certain regions given the regulations established in their countries.

The project also implied working with several sub-brands. Therefore, Digiteum team needed to find a perfect balance between the strong personality of the main brand — Mercans, and unique identity of its sub-brands — Mesaar and HR Blizz. It was essential to align but not overlay the two.

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job portal redesign
Digiteum completely redesigned a job portal on Mesaar platform.


  • UX/UI design development services for two SaaS suites for employment management and talent sourcing.
  • Redesign of a web portal for job seekers.
  • Putting together the structure of online services and creating a coherent web experience on the platforms.
  • Design of custom modules, including admin console, configuration, reporting, dashboards, user profile, etc.
  • Design of a cross-platform onboarding module with highly-detailed and flexible configuration capabilities.
  • Custom drag-and-drop tool for drafting client company’s structure and hierarchy.
  • White-label solution for service customization and branding.
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