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Mercans (UAE)
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corporate website development
Mercans provides a range of HR services and SaaS payroll solutions globally.


Mercans provides a range of HR services and SaaS payroll solutions globally. The company helps its clients build efficient employment strategies and staff augmentation processes and makes sure they are compliant with regional and international regulations.

To raise its profile and increase recognition in the global market, Mercans decided to reinvent its corporate style and enhance its online presence. The company was looking for a skilled team to provide UX/UI design, corporate website development services and design the brand book that would communicate the company’s corporate identity and style.

Digiteum, an experienced digital product development company, created the official brand book for Mercans and acted as a corporate website designer and developer. The team has designed, built and launched the company’s main website and performed its multi-language localization.

corporate website development
corporate website development
Website provides information about the company’s services the tools to engage with Mercans.

Corporate website as a customer engagement tool

The goal of this project was not only to develop a corporate website that would provide users with information about the company’s operations and services. It was important to draw interested people and provide them with the tools to engage with Mercans.

For this purpose, Digiteum developed custom forms visitors could use to request free quotes, consultations and solution demos and subscribe for Mercans publications. The forms were optimized with smart ReCaptcha and non-business email blocks to filter out any spam or irrelevant submissions and make sure only genuine requests come through.

In terms of design, the team needed to create design for corporate website and brand identity that would communicate the credibility and integrity of the company and reflect the global nature of the services Mercans provides. Combining the experience in custom design for WordPress and corporate website design services, Digiteum created a laconic, business-like and elegant website with a focus on content, usability and accessibility to every potential customer.

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corporate website development
Focus on great usability for customers and high search visibility of the website.

Optimized performance and focus on mobile

As a corporate website designing company, Digiteum works side by side with clients’ marketing and SEO teams to build well-optimized websites with high search engine ranking, user engagement, lead generation and conversion rate.

When designing and developing the website for Mercans, the team worked with several SEO and marketing teams. The website has a complex structure. Digiteum had to apply various techniques to enhance its load speed and performance, including the optimization of scripts and customization of content on mobile.

These practices ensured both great usability for customers and sustainably high search visibility of the website, despite regular algorithmic updates on Google and other engines.

corporate website development
Website blocks dynamically change depending on the specifics of the chosen UI language.

Smart multilingual UI to support global outreach

One of the challenges on this project was to implement localization. At this point, the Mercans website offers 6 UI languages, including Finnish, Arabic and Turkish. Digiteum had to optimize UI to make sure the website’s look and feel are consistent and uniform in different languages and seamless on all devices.

Using plugins for UI localization, the team configured custom looks for different website blocks that would dynamically change depending on the specifics of the chosen UI language (word formation, length, text orientation, etc.). As a result, customers around the globe learn about Mercans in their native languages, have consistent experience on the website and create a unified image of the brand as an international service provider.

This case is one of the examples of corporate website design for the organizations and firms that provide services globally or plan to expand their outreach.

corporate website development
WordPress website development and performance optimization.


  • Development of the official brand book that communicates the company’s identity, tone of voice and reflects its personality and global focus.
  • Corporate website design services for an international HR and payroll solutions provider.
  • Corporate WordPress website development and performance optimization.
  • Custom forms and Hubspot integration for contact insights and marketing automation.
  • Implementation of different corporate website development solutions for consistent user experience including multi-language localization and optimized content on mobile.
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