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Printique (US)
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big data performance monitoring
Printique experiences online traffic increase by 150-200% every season.


System overload is a serious issue that causes B2C companies massive loss in online sales and revenue every holiday season. It’s relevant for ecommerce and retail, fashion, entertainment, gift, publishing, travel and food industry, as well as any other business that experiences online traffic boost from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

One of leading US photo printing laboratories — Printique – is not an exception. The company is a major gift provider that offers customers a whole range of digital photo printing services — calendars, cards, photo books, wall decor and prints. Every holiday season, Printique experiences online traffic increase by 150-200%.

As the company’s official technology partner, Digiteum developed the solution for the lab’s digital system monitoring and control. Today, this solution ensures that Printique doesn’t experience any website slowdown or system malfunction regardless of any traffic flow. In other words, the solution makes sure the lab never loses its customers and sales and only grows its revenue during holidays.

big data performance monitoring
big data performance monitoring
Reliable digital tool to guarantee fail-proof system performance and quality control.

Real-time big data processing

Based on the combination of Elastic Stack solutions for big data visualization and analysis, system health monitoring and control for Printique proved to be a reliable digital tool to guarantee fail-proof system performance and quality.

This solution collects and analyzes real-time performance data, including website traffic and backend load, the quantity and status of submitted orders, printing status and queue, registers failed operations and sends alerts to the support team in case any abnormality is spotted.

This data is systemized and visualized in the form of graphs and charts that demonstrate website and backend performance in real-time.

big data performance monitoring
Performance Monitoring and Control
It helps management make data-driven decisions regarding system’s operation.

Data-driven decision-making

On one side, Printique’s CTO has admin access to all real-time and historical data to monitor ongoing performance, match data from various periods for comparison analysis and leverage legacy data to observe performance dynamics. It helps management make data-driven decisions regarding system operation and build strategies for further development.

On the other side, the authorized support team has read-only access to real-time data to maintain system health monitoring and control, prevent overload and malfunction and guarantee system performance quality and continuity.

Since 2016, this solution for system monitoring and control has ensured that Printique goes through intensive holiday sales without any slowdowns, system crashes, traffic loss or order decrease.

Printique System Health Monitoring
Digital tool to systemize, analyze and visualize big data, real-time and legacy.


  • Big data solution for real-time system performance monitoring and control.
  • Digital tool to systemize, analyze and visualize big data, real-time and legacy.
  • Complex solution that collects and applies big data from various systems: website traffic, laboratory operations, backend order processing.
  • Admin access for management to leverage massive data and perform data-driven decisions regarding operations and system performance.
  • Authorised read-only access for the support team to provide ongoing system performance monitoring and maintenance.
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