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IoT Power Consumption Control and Monitoring

The development of IoT in energy industry is getting more and more attention and investment due to the dynamics in the energy market and growing environmental concerns. Today, many companies, households and the whole governments leverage Internet of Things, big data, and clean energy technology and shift towards more prudent power consumption and conscious consumer habits. As a result, people change the way they manage electricity and create fundamentally new usage behavior.

At Digiteum, we continue increasing our expertise in the Internet of Things and the energy industry and therefore contribute to this important change. Currently, the team is working on a set of IoT projects on energy conservation and management for a US-based company (the name of the project, origin, business and technical details are NDA protected). Together, we are developing an IoT energy monitoring and control solution to introduce a proactive and predictive approach to energy supply and consumption strategy.

This is a complex system for households, utility companies, electric suppliers and energy consumption and conservation researchers. This solution allows for transforming the way people use and manage electricity and electrical devices. Thanks to IoT monitoring tools integrated into the system, utility companies obtain new capabilities to track power usage, calculate pricing, make informed decisions on proactive supply and automate management. In the meantime, researchers and environmentalists get access to actual data on energy consumption that allows elaborating forward-looking consumption and conservation strategy.

iot power monitoring and control
Solution to transform the way people use electricity and electrical devices.
IoT power consumtion
IoT solution for electricity consumption monitoring and remote control, big data analytics and proactive and predictive approach to power supply and consumption strategy.

IoT for Energy Management

This is a great example of the application of IoT for energy telemetry and management. It is a multi-functional system that consists of a set of technological and infrastructure solutions. Once equipped with this system, a house, office building or any other facility turns into a smart space which enables full transparency of electricity usage and ensures prudent power consumption.

The system has a rich set of features and capabilities, including:

  • electric circuit management and remote control.
  • monitoring of the circuits’ proper functioning and detecting possible anomalies.
  • remote device identification and management.
  • predictive calculation of power cost using the demand-based approach.
  • real-time analytics and visualization of the data on power consumption.
  • the dynamic output of usage insights on functional dashboards and reports.
  • storage of the power surplus which can be used in the cases of an unexpected power outage.
  • manual management of electricity distribution in the cases of power outage which helps select and keep the most important power feed on.
iot electricity monitoring and control
Solution allows to remotely control household’s electric appliances and calculate consumption cost.
IoT in enegry industry
The system turns any building into a smart space which enables full transparency of electricity usage and ensures prudent power consumption.

Benefits for Different User Categories

There are multiple benefits of using Internet of Things in electricity management for various categories of users.

For the residents of smart homes and smart buildings

Households and the residents of other buildings with IoT and power monitor systems installed are able to:

  • remotely control electric appliances and circuits.
  • configure and automate energy consumption regimes (for example, Away, Eco, etc.).
  • calculate and monitor power consumption cost in real time.
  • predict further spending on electricity based on the current demand.
  • detect potentially dangerous anomalies in the operation of electric appliances.
  • improve fire safety on the premises.
  • store power surplus and manage it manually in case of a power outage.
  • promote power-saving user behavior.
iot power consumption monitoring for households
The system promotes power-saving user behavior.
power consumption monitor
Solution enables real-time energy supply and usage monitoring.

For electricity suppliers and utility companies

Utility companies and electricity suppliers get previously unavailable control over their resources and valuable insights to make data-driven business decisions. Using IoT and power consumption telemetry system, they are able to:

  • perform real-time energy supply and usage monitoring.
  • determine and analyze power consumption patterns based on created data.
  • build informative visualizations and reporting.
  • develop utility plans based on demand response pricing programs.
  • identify used devices and detect abnormalities in power supply.

For researchers and environmentalists

Researchers, environmental engineers and conservation specialists make one more important user category. These groups leverage the valuable data created and collected by the system, study power consumption patterns and use these insights to create forward-looking energy conservation strategy. Thanks to Internet of Things and power consumption telemetry, researchers are able to:

  • determine power consumption patterns and study electricity usage behavior.
  • identify the trends of energy usage and build a data-driven strategy to optimize power consumption and save resources.
  • leverage historical data on energy supply and usage to get a bigger picture and statistics for research purposes.
iot electricity consumption
The system helps build a data-driven strategy to optimize power consumption.
iot in energy
Collection, analytics, visualization and reporting of power consumption data.


  • Automated electricity consumption monitoring and analytics.
  • Remote control of electric appliances, automated calculation of cost.
  • Electronic device recognition based on smart algorithms.
  • Identification of usage patterns and energy consumption trends.
  • Automated control and configuration of energy supply.
  • Big data collection, analytics, visualization and reporting.
  • Detection of abnormalities and dangerous operation of electric appliances.
  • Improved security and prevention of overloads and malfunctions.
  • Power storage and optimized electricity distribution in case of shut-off.


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