Digiteum Opinion: Balancing
Home Office and Care for Children

May 26, 2021

Digiteum Team

mother's day

Digiteum Team

Balancing Home Office and Care for Children

Almost half of the Digiteum team are talented women in business and tech. They create, innovate, lead teams and manage huge projects. They rock the world of IT.

More than 50% of our ladies are also proud mothers. And mothers are the ones whose strength, patience and power of love are second to none.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the energy and brilliance of all the hard-working moms at Digiteum.

We asked how they’ve been in the past year and what they consider the best about working from home and having kids around.

Thanks to their inspiring insights, we found out that balancing home office and care for children brings joy and allows to:

Communicate and play more...

quote on Mother's Day

Better plan time and balance activities…

quote on Mother's Day

Overcome challenges together and become closer...

quote on Mother's Day

Stay connected throughout the day…

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Here’s to our great moms! Without your inspiration, persistence and care we wouldn't be the close-knit team and growing company we are today.