Jan 11, 2017

Digiteum Team

women in IT


Future women in IT learn how this world works

11:00, January 6, 2017, Orthodox Christmas Eve, Digiteum headquarters, -17°C

If there’s one word to describe the mood of this morning, it will be excitement. Today we are expecting a dozen of young ladies – future women in IT – from IT Princess Academy.

For the records, IT Princess Academy is the pioneer of modern education for girls that helps to develop their creativity and talents through learning IT and science.


Digiteum has always been open for new experiences, so as the company co-founders. And when one of them, Katherine, was asked to share the secrets of IT company entrails and explain how the IT industry works to young teenage students, the challenge was accepted benevolently.



 Image Credit: Dev.by

What We Were Talking About

How IT Works: Processes and Routines

To introduce IT to a group of young women already familiar with this stuff, Katherine refers to her personal experience. Thus, through a curious story of her way to IT, Digiteum co-founder shows that it’s not at all beyond the clouds.

Moreover, Katherine proves along the way that the processes in IT can be and actually are fun. Sometimes they are twisted, but always consistent: from one idea further to a full scale solution and finally to a happy client.


How it works? Well, basically, something like this (points to the image).

In a word – it works beautifully!


IT Creators: Wizards and Master Hands

To introduce our guests to the troubles that each specific IT professional deals with every day, Katherine gives a detailed story of each position: from the moment the idea is squeezed out from the client and gets to the “braniacs,” to the final stage when the product gets its shape and comes off the press.

In general, digital is created by a bunch of professional magicians, perfectionists, design devotees, engineers of the world, adventurous experimentators and researchers. In human professions, these are business analysts, designers, software engineers, testers, project managers and marketers.




Fast and Furious or Deep and Rational?

Hard to choose the club to join, ha? Well, to make it easier for the ladies, Katherine explains what each of the positions does and names the skills and qualities required and useful for every one of them. And this is the moment when the girls get a bit more chirky recognizing their own characters in the vocations they once may take.


Image Credit: Dev.by

“Now that You’ve Got It What You Will Do about It”

Apparently, IT is not only about creating a solution, but also about being able to sell it. Right on cue, not all the princesses that joined the party are willing to design and develop. This morning our Digiteum class is full of social butterflies, who want to rule the market and help the world find out and learn what the IT creators do.

This is when the other woman in IT, Christina, comes out and takes the speakers floor to introduce marketing as the right arm of this industry. She explains the basics of turning the magic of communication into real business cases, partnerships, and successful projects.



Image Credit: Dev.by

Quick Peek at the Future with Trends and Newbies

To make the story vivid and clear, Katherine adds real-life cases and examples of the way IT has already changed the world as we know it. To spice it up, she names some of the trends and technologies that will shape the environment that our young ladies will live in tomorrow.





Phew! Another infortainment event with Digiteum ended with laughing and positive comments from the young audience. Here’re just a couple of them:

IT Princesses about Digiteum Class on IT and Digital

“I think it’s very interesting that you can take someone’s idea and turn it into a real program, add details. It must be so great to have anyone using your products.”


“I realised that I want to stay in marketing. Now I’m studying this field, and thanks to your presentation I assured myself I’ve made the right choice.”


“Today I found out that the future is here and now, and if we don’t know about something, it  doesn’t mean that it does not exist. What we do is making it closer.”


What a great experience for both: a worldly-wise Digiteum team who has a chance to share experience and see the new geniuses in digital (who knows, maybe soon joining our Digiteum team) and a new generation of future IT specialists who can see the “backend” of IT and learn how it works straight from the source – from a real digital agency founder. It is definitely worth an early morning ride at -17°C.