Oct 20, 2016

Digiteum Team


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Wrap-up on Chatbot Seminar in Helsinki

Good Morning, Helsinki! Let’s talk Bots&Biz!

We made it! The first Digiteum talk on chatbots and business took place in Helsinki on October 11, 2016. We gathered entrepreneurs, executives, researchers and press at Meeting Park FORUM to discuss the role of chatbots in modern business environment and the value this technology brings to the Finnish market in particular.

Why Finland? Why Breakfast?

First of all, we thought that if you want to speak about something as curious and fun as chatbots, you’d better do it at the right time and place. Clearly, it made sense to kickstart our business talks in Finland, the country ranked #4in top innovative countries of the world and the second after Germany among European states according to Bloomberg.

One must-know about Finnish market: The Finnish are digitally mature and knowledgeable. Now it’s clear that this market is fully prepared to embrace innovations and adopt new technologies at different business levels. And the best thing, as a digital technology agency, we don’t even need to explain businesses what this or that solution or strategy are and why they are worth investments. What they really need is a clear vision of how this technology can make their business grow. Digiteum has already had a chance to communicate with some of the giants in Finland (Takeda, Medix, Oriola-KD), so we were pretty confident with our decision to start business talks here, in Helsinki.

Secondly, this is the Nordic land we are talking about. The place where you can easily schedule a meeting for 9 a.m., spray in the caffeine spells in the air, and be absolutely sure everyone will be there on time ready to talk tech and brainstorm on ML and AI as if it’s a pie.

Goals and People

We came to the land of genius mHealth startups and multimillion mobile gaming companies with enthusiasm and a bunch of goals:

  • To pump up the buzz about chatbots and show businesses they can actually make use of this booming software themselves;
  • To raise awareness on chatbots technology and its perspectives as a new communication channel and a tool to create novel customer experience;
  • To share the expertise that Digiteum has gained by building its own chatbots and apply this knowledge to real business cases.

With these ideas in mind and pro speakers at hand, Digiteum faced an amazing crowd that Tuesday. We had B2B and B2C businesses hungry for new cost-efficient technologies to engage more customers and partners, Finnish press curious about the amplitude of chatbots and AI wave rolling the markets worldwide, researchers and scholars, eager to dig deeper into the topic, and of course, digital marketers, willing to find the best way to make chatbots boost revenues.

One interesting discovery we made: Chatbots got all the buzz not so long ago. However, Finnish scholars already make comprehensive researches on the technology. It tells a lot about the speed Finnish business environment embraces new tech.

2-Hour Meeting in 5 Minutes

9:00 a.m. Let the game begin!

October 11, 2016. Meeting Park FORUM in Helsinki, Finland. We start with a hefty portion of caffeine and carbos. Then smoothly moved to the biz talks on “How Chatbots Will Help You Find New Customers.”

My job was to breathe life into the talk and crack the whats, whos, wheres, whens and hows about chatbots. In 15 minutes the attendees have already drawn up the image of chatbots as a communication channel, as a business opportunity, as a marketing tool, and as a new generation of digital solutions along with apps. At this point, I turned the speaker’s floor to Tatsiana.