Feb 05, 2020

Digiteum Team

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Checking up on the Things that Matter

February started with the great news for Hi-Tech Park (HTP) residents. During his official visit to Belarus, the US Secretary of State has also visited the Park and highly evaluated its success, acknowledging the importance of American investment in the growth of HTP.

Indeed, the export of IT services from HTP to the US market alone has reached $900 million in 2019. Apart from cutting-edge development in AI, AR and autonomous driving technologies, Belarusian engineers bring innovation to such critical domains as healthcare and education all over the globe.

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The resident of Hi-Tech Park, Digiteum is proud to be a part of this important transformation. Over the last few years only, the company’s teams have been working on several digital products for language learning, training people with learning difficulties life and vocational skills and helping people with dementia have more independent living.

Currently, the managing director of Digiteum, Michael Grebennikov is in the UK meeting the clients and partners and checking on the up-to-date status on the vitally important projects that bring meaningful change to people, communities and the entire world.

Among them is How Do I, the company that dedicated its work to assist aging generations and people with learning disabilities to have a fuller and more independent living. With the help of Digiteum team, How Do I has worked on several learning disabilities app development projects and launched mobile apps to teach and train people with special needs different skills for everyday life and work.

Mudita Sports is another UK company that leverages mobile technology to provide people with new opportunities in life. In 2019, Digiteum was assigned to create a language learning app. The idea is to transform the passion of millions of people — football — into the motivation to learn foreign languages. The app is out.

Thinking of You, a promising UK start-up, is helping people help other people. And Digiteum team helps Thinking of You bring up the technology for it. Thinking of You app simplifies donating to awesome charities like Children with Cancer UK or Shelter and puts the ultimate tool of compassion and support literally into people’s pockets.

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On a wider scale, a leading language technology company, Oxford Languages delivers authoritative lexical content to enable the development of hundreds of world languages and make sure it’s available to people and communities. As a certified technology partner, Digiteum provides Oxford Languages with digital consulting and technology services to implement these initiatives.

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If you are looking for a technology partner to build a digital system that would necessarily make a difference, contact our team. Making sure your investment and effort transform into a working system is our job. Making sure the systems we build make a difference is our dedication.