Oracle Event Bot - NLP-enabled chatbot guide for Oracle Cloud Day
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    Oracle Event Bot
    Chatbot for FB Messenger

    One of the leading developers and providers of cloud services, Oracle helps companies get the best of the latest technology - AI, machine learning, chatbots.

    Oracle Cloud Day is the event held worldwide to show industry leaders how they can benefit with tomorrow’s technology and integrate innovation into their systems.

    Oracle Bot for Facebook Messenger is a smart personalized guide that provides the attendees and guests with all the necessary information about Oracle Cloud Day across various locations. Additionally, this chatbot showcases Oracle’s technology and services during a seamless conversation with its users. It was designed by BAM Mobile and built by Digiteum using Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise platform for chatbot development.

    oracle bot
    Oracle Bot for Facebook Messenger is a smart personalized event guide
    oracle bot for Cloud Day event
    Chatbot tells about event's agenda, key speakers, venues and directions, follows up on the topics, sponsors and answers FAQ

    NLP-enabled Chatbot

    Today, Event Bot offers users important information about Oracle Cloud Day depending on their location and primary interest. Chatbot leads the conversation to tell about the agenda, key speakers, venues and directions, follows up on the topics, sponsors and answers FAQ. Moreover, Event bot enables in-bot registration for tickets to make sure no user is left behind.

    To make sure Oracle’s bot doesn’t get lost in an idle conversation with a human, it was built with an NLP element. Thanks to predefined intents and utterances, Event Bot understands certain free language input, for example, a query for the event’s overview, and replies respectively.

    Apart from cognitive functions, this bot can expand its dialogs. Digiteum integrated chatbot with Oracle’s CMS to easily add information about new events, places, sponsors. As a result, Event Bot seamlessly pulls new information from relevant CMS fields and updates users with new or more complete information about the event.

    oracle bot
    Event Bot understands certain natural language input and gives relevant replies
    oracle bot
    Bot for FB Messenger built on Oracle’s platform for chatbot development


    • Event Bot for FB Messenger built on Oracle’s proprietary platform for chatbot development.
    • NLP element for direct input recognition to enable smooth conversation with users.
    • Chatbot personalizes conversation based on location and provides information about locations, venues, speakers, topics, agenda, sponsors, etc.
    • Integration with custom CMS enables fast and easy correction and expansion of bot’s dialogs with no development efforts.
    • At the first phase of the project, Oracle chatbot held more than 700 conversations with unique users and collected massive user data for further improvement and optimization. The second phase of the project is currently on.


    DATE: Phase 1 completed in 2017, phase 2 in progress
    CLIENT: In cooperation with BAM Mobile for Oracle

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