NL Colosurv RL App for Doctors

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medical apps for doctors
NL Colosurv RL App for gastroenterology specialists.

Medical app for gastroenterology doctors

Repeated patient assessment, management, and monitoring involve time and effort-consuming operations. Today, mHealth technology and IoT medical devices are able to automate and simplify routine parts of these processes.

NL Colosurv RL medical app for gastroenterology doctors is one of such mHealth solutions. Digiteum has built this mobile app in cooperation with EverywhereIM to provide doctors with an efficient digital tool in contrast to traditional paperform patient assessment.

In short, this mobile app allows to perform automated patient assessment according to the approved guidelines and gives advice on readmission, medical follow-up, and other procedures to prevent colorectal cancer (CRC).

medical apps for doctors
medical apps for doctors
App allows to reduce paperwork associated with routine medical checks.

Mobile tool for patient assessment

NL Colosurv RL App operates as a smart questionnaire about the patient’s medical history and personal information, such as age, gender, previous diagnoses including cancer-related diseases (colorectal carcinoma, Lynch-associated malignancies), family history, etc.

The questionnaire and calculation of results rely on a complex algorithm. This algorithm processes the answers on the go and personalizes the following questions in real time to maximize the relevance of the results. In the end, the app provides the results of the patient’s assessment and gives informative advice on when it is best for a patient to make the next visit to a doctor or take a certain medical procedure. Moreover, the app stores a set of colorectal cancer-related content to help doctors access relevant information fast.

All in all, this offline app allows automating guideline-based patient assessment, managing follow-up and reducing paperwork associated with routine medical check. Most importantly, it contributes to the measures aimed at preventing colorectal cancer.

medical apps for doctors
Field-specific research content related to colorectal cancer.


  • Medical app for gastroenterology doctors to automate patient assessment and follow-up.
  • Guideline-based questionnaire to register patient’s medical history and personal data.
  • The algorithm that allows to personalize question flow and produce relevant results.
  • Field-specific research content for doctors related to colorectal cancer.
  • A digital tool that allows doctors to perform paper-free patient assessments and save time and effort on routine tasks.
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