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online showroom
Fiverun Showcase — digital showroom for retail and eCommerce.

Fiverun Showcase digital showroom

Fiverun Showcase is a great example of how a startup idea grows into a product, and then this product becomes a part of a large-scale platform.

It was designed as an online showroom for retail brands to display goods and services. Today, Showcase is part of a fully functional SaaS solution that can be used as an online and in-store point of sale in any field.

Showcase, the online catalog, grew up from an idea introduced to Digiteum back in the end of 2011. Then, Digiteum developed an MVP version of Showcase in 2012 and prepared it for a demonstration to investors and buyers.

After being endorsed by a number of investors, Fiverun Showcase was acquired by KIBO and became a part of KIBO platform — an omnichannel solution for retail and eCommerce.

online showroom
online showroom
Elegant solution to drive in-store and online sales, optimize inventory and merchandise analytics.

Rich functionality for sales

At the MVP stage, Fiverun Showcase already has a number of features and broad functionality.

On the frontend, it is equipped with a product display with smart selection and memory and an interactive dashboard. As a point of sale, it is integrated with an ordering and cashless payment system and social media for better customer engagement. Showcase works both online and offline for in-store sales.

The backend operates for product and customer data collection and management, inventory and merchandise analytics, and order tracking and processing.

The Fiverun Showcase prototype was easily adjustable to the needs of different retail and eCommerce verticals, so it could fit any online and offline sales funnel. This is why it was organically merged with a SaaS eCommerce platform.

fiverun ecommerce retail app
Fiverun Showcase is easily adjustable to the needs of different verticals.


  • Easy-to-use display tool for retail brands with an interactive dashboard, smart selection and memory tools, social media integration, online-offline modes and synchronization.
  • Elegant solution to drive in-store and online sales, optimize inventory, order routine, management and merchandise analytics.
  • Multifunctional tool used as an online showroom, point of sale, secure cashless payment system, data storage and tracking tool, customer support and consumer research instrument.
  • Highly customizable solution that can be tailored to the needs of different industries.
  • Fiverun startup made an exit, the project merged with KIBO platform for retailers.
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