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Website Revamp
Case Study

Printique photo laboratory

This website revamp case study tells the story of how AdoramaPix, one of the core sub-brands of Adorama Camera Inc, transformed into Printique in record time.

Before becoming Printique, a leading photo printing brand AdoramaPix headquartered in Brooklyn, NY has already gained the trust and loyalty of millions of customers. In 2019, a US design agency offered AdoramaPix a rebranding plan. It would help the company reinvent its brand identity and build the image and name that mirror the top-notch services it provides. At the same time, implementing website modernization offered the possibility to enhance the online experience for the company’s customers, visitors, site admins and content managers.

website redesign services
Leading photo printing company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY
website redesign services
Website revamp case study tells the story of how the AdoramaPix brand was transformed into Printique in record time.
website redesign services

Our team took on the full development and deployment scope. 

Our role

Digiteum, an experienced web development company, has been an official tech partner of AdoramaPix for more than a decade. Our dedicated team took on the development scope of web system and website redesign implementation. It included the reconfiguration of system infrastructure, development of all website pages, reintegration with multiple third-party systems, the transition to the new domain name and development of the admin system for content management.

The goal of this ambitious project was to implement the transition as smoothly as possible, ensure technical excellence of the rebranded system and create a seamless experience on any device, at launch and beyond.

website redesign services
The task was to recreate user experience that is responsive, efficient and stable.

Executing brand transition in 4 months

AdoramaPix rebranding is not like any other project to redesign the company website. Behind multiple landing pages, photo editing tools and user account pages, there is a loaded web system built on high-end technologies. It is integrated with dozens of third-party systems. A photo printing giant serves thousands of customers and works with gigabytes of image data daily.

Therefore, apart from website and web system redesign, the rebranding project included the revision of the whole infrastructure, integrations, pipelines. The task was to recreate user experience that is responsive, efficient and stable. Additionally, the team was assigned to rebuild the WordPress-based admin area. It would provide content managers with usable tools and templates to update and change website content fast and without coding.

Digiteum implemented the initial scope and deployed the fully-functional Printique website in record 4 months from the beginning of the rebranding project. Today, the team continues working on the functional parts of the system and integrates the new look and feel to the rest of the system.

website redesign services

Behind the website, there is a loaded system built on high-end technologies.

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Strategy for the seamless rebranding process

One of the main challenges of the project was to ensure a seamless transition from one brand to the other one. Apart from implementing website rebranding services, Digiteum team had to work out the strategies for efficient and flawless deployment of the rebranded system. Moreover, it was important to sync it with the switch to rebranded attributes in both online (email signatures, software for the lab, etc.) and physical environment (package, receipts, etc.).

To review system design and performance, two brands were configured to operate simultaneously. At some point, AdoramaPix continued serving customers while Printique was open for stakeholders and teams to test and decide if the website was ready to go live. Additionally, the team configured custom traffic routes to show different versions of the website to the management and customers. This strategy helped implement final reviews and launch the new system without a hitch.

website redesign services

Rebranded website and web system were launched without a hitch.

website redesign services


  • Implementation of website redesign in the record short term.
  • Development and deployment of multiple WordPress-based landing pages based on the given design and style guide.
  • Reconfiguration of a large web system infrastructure to align with the new design and user experience.
  • Multiple reintegrations (payment module, photo storage, social media, etc.).
  • Development of WordPress-based admin area for fast and easy content management.
  • Custom deployment strategy to make sure the system is customer-ready to go live.


CLIENT: Printique
YEAR: 2019
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