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Acouva wireless earbuds
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wearable application development
Companion app to enable remote control and add functionality to smart earbuds.


Acouva is a San Francisco-based producer and distributor of innovative wireless earbuds. These wearables rely on advanced conducting and equalizer technology to provide customers with impeccable sound quality.

Acouva had an idea to build a companion app to enable remote control and add unique functionality to their smart earbuds. To implement this idea, the company needed an experienced wearable application development firm with deep industry, technology and trend insight.

Digiteum has provided full-cycle wearable app development services, including app design, development and deployment. Today, Acouva app offers diverse capabilities and features, including remote sound personalization, earbuds configuration, multilingual interpretation and translation for voice and text messages.

In the future, the client plans to extend the feature set for the app and add functionality such as audio playback directly on device.

wearable application development voice recording
Voice chat supports multilingual communication using connected earbuds.

Companion app for wireless earbuds

When we are talking about compact wearable devices, app development is often the best way to provide users with a wide array of features, enable remote control from an iPhone or smartwatch and avoid loading a small physical device with buttons, displays, etc.

Acouva app addresses all these needs and works as a companion app for Bluetooth earbuds. The earbuds are equipped with powerful equalizer technology to adjust sound quality to user preferences. The app allows configuring and controlling equalizer features from a mobile phone.

Adding unique functionality was another reason to create this wearable app. Acouva voice chat was built to support multilingual communication using connected earbuds and enables two-way consecutive interpretation from/to almost 50 languages in real time.

wearable application development
wearable application development
Real-time multilingual interpretation for nearly 50 languages.

Seamless multilingual communication using AI translation technology

Acouva voice chat was designed as an intuitive messenger for voice and text communication. Based on the Twilio platform, the chat provides a wide range of communication options, including group and one-on-one voice and text chats, media file exchange, chat invites, etc.

The key feature, however, is the real-time multilingual interpretation that allows chat participants to keep conversations in their native languages and have their messages translated into recipient languages with little latency. To make this happen, the participants need to choose their languages as a first step. Then, the system powered by Microsoft Azure Speech Translation translates the messages typed or recorded via the mic in the earbuds into the recipient language. As a result, chat participants have a seamless multilingual experience. In turn, Acouva earbuds become an indispensable tool for intercultural communication.

This business case shows how to enhance the utility of wearable technology with app development.

Hire experts to create an application for your wearable device
wearable application development
Remote sound personalization, earbuds configuration, multilingual translation for voice and text messages.

Control earbuds functionality and sound quality in one app

Acouva earbuds stand out for the impeccable quality of sound. This advantage is possible thanks to the equalizer and sound personalization features for the mic and speaker in the hearables. App development for wearable devices like Acouva earbuds puts control over these features straight to the owner’s mobile phones.

Using Acouva app, customers can tune the intensity and volume of the sound on several frequency bands, remove the background noise, smoothen the interpreter’s robotic voice, etc. Either with default presets or custom configurations, earbuds users can record their voices to check the quality of the sound.

wearable application development
Real-time multilingual AI translation powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.


  • Full-cycle wearable application development service, including design, development, testing, and deployment.
  • Native Android app development service and iOS app development service.
  • Native Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) companion app that enables device remote control and enhances its features.
  • Twilio-based voice and text chat designed according to the brand’s unique look and feel.
  • Real-time multilingual AI translation powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (Speech Translation).
  • Modern engineering practices including pair programming, code review, git-flow workflow used on the project.
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