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Custom Software Development - Digiteum Expertise and Services

Over the past 14 years, Digiteum technology company amplified its technology and business expertise in custom software development, expanded services and market reach and strengthened partnership and collaboration capabilities across various areas.

This capabilities and services list includes Big Data, IoT and Wearables; AI technology: machine learning and computer vision, NLP engines and chatbotsCloud-based computing; mobile apps and web, UI/UX design and development; eHealth solutions; photo editors and intelligent photobooks; human language technology: dictionaries creation and corpus linguisticsQA solutions and CMS configuration and development.

Big Data

Digiteum team of engineers and data scientists have been working on a number of projects that involve big data analysis, processing and visualization. Big data expertise incorporates IoT and related projects focused on real-time tracking and monitoring, corporate legacy data leveraging and the development of algorithms for data analysis and creation.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom software and hardware tracking and monitoring;
  • Application performance analysis and quality control;
  • Big data analysis;
  • Visualization and real-time reporting based on Elastic Stack solutions;
  • Electrical appliances signatures analysis and device identification.

IoT and Wearables

Big data expertise extends to Digiteum experience in IoT projects and software development for tracking, monitoring and controlling devices, medical equipment and wearables.

Key Capabilities

  • Internet of Things;
  • Wearables and middleware;
  • Device operation tracking, monitoring and remote control.

AI and Chatbot Technology

Digiteum has launched a number of successful chatbot projects for education, retail and ecommerce, entertainment, publishing and other industries. Bots operate on messengers, websites and in voice assistants (Alexa) to provide recommendation, sales, automated event management, customer support and other services. This area of expertise incorporates AI-enabled technology, integration capabilities and custom API development.

Key Capabilities

  • Chatbots and conversational UX;
  • AI-powered bots;
  • Skills for Alexa;
  • Neuro linguistic programming;
  • Platform integrations;
  • Custom API development.

Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Apart from NLP platforms, Digiteum data scientists, analysts and engineers expand AI expertise over two areas – computer vision and signal processing. In particular, the team develops an IoT solution able to learn from electrical devices power usage patterns and automatically recognize device class and usage mode, as well as predict malfunctioning.

In photography, the team works on a smart digital photo product powered by machine learning that involves image recognition, image matching, classification and clustering.

Key Capabilities

  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Machine learning;
  • Computer vision;
  • Signal processing;
  • Anomaly detection;
  • Image recognition;
  • Image matching, classification and clustering.

Cloud-based Systems

For complex digital projects, including IoT, big data and web systems with heavy traffic, Digiteum team largely relies on the capabilities and expertise in cloud-based development. The team works with AWS and Azure cloud services.

Key Capabilities

  • Cloud computing;
  • Cloud-based solution;
  • Amazon Web Services;
  • Microsoft Azure.

Mobile Apps and Web

Digiteum technology agency continues developing custom software and launching web and mobile projects of various complexity from lightweight iOS and Android apps to multifunctional highly-integrated web platforms, including web development based on JavaScript technologies (Angular.js, React, etc.)

Key Capabilities

  • iOS and Android apps;
  • Native apps;
  • Website design and development;
  • JavaScript, Angular.js, React.

UX and UI Design

Digiteum engages into a complex multiphase process to build  time-tested intuitive interfaces and customer experiences across web, mobile, IoT and chatbot solutions. This process includes business, audience, market, competition and technology analysis, elaboration and visualization of UX flows based on project functionality, and finally, creation of visual designs and UI that reflect project requirements and goals and address the needs and expectations of business and its customers.

Key Capabilities

  • User interface;
  • User experience;
  • UX flow and customer journey.

Photo Editors and Intelligent Photobooks

Additionally, Digiteum develops digital tools for photo and image analysis and processing for Printique* photo laboratory. The team has created a number of web and mobile products for real-time online photo editing, digital tools for photo publishing and printing, intelligent photobook building and photo collage creation based on the application of complex math algorithms.

Apart from advanced user interfaces based on complex JavaScript technologies, Digiteum developed digital tools for printing lab process automation including pre-printing image processing, integration with different printers, data analysis and visualization.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time online photo editors;
  • Digital photo publishing;
  • Automated photobook building;
  • Photo printing online services.

eHealth Solutions

Digiteum engineers eHealth solutions for patient engagement, medication adherence, chronic disease and patient management, including mHealth apps, real-time monitoring and tracking systems for doctors and clinics, as well as embedded software for medical devices.

Key Capabilities

  • Patient engagement tools and services;
  • Medication adherence apps;
  • Chronic disease and patient management solutions;
  • Real-time patient monitoring and tracking,
  • Embedded software for medical devices.

Human Language Technology

Corpus Linguistics

Using the power of new Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB technology, Digiteum team applies Super Corpus Platform to turn massive raw language data into an annotated corpus. The team applies cloud-based platform as an innovative tool for data creation able to monitor up to 1 m documents daily.

Dictionary Creation

Digiteum introduced an innovative dictionaries conversion framework (DCF) for automated cross-format lexical data conversion. This technology allows to converse massive structured and semi-structured data in any format to any format with 99% accuracy. Up to this date, DCF was used to create more than 75 new dictionaries in 30+ world languages.

DCF creates data for Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP) and for dictionaries licensing Oxford University Press provides to Amazon, Apple, Google and other companies.

Key Capabilities

  • Human language technology;
  • Computer linguistics;
  • Neuro linguistic programming;
  • Linguistic analysis,
  • Data harvesting;
  • Content curation;
  • Lexical data creation;
  • Dictionary conversion and quality control;
  • Corpus linguistics.

Content Management Systems

Digiteum expertise includes configuration and customization of popular content management systems (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc.) as well as the development of custom CMS and back-end systems.

Key Capabilities

  • Configuration of open source CMS;
  • Development of custom CMS,
  • CMS integration and transfer.

Quality Assurance

QA as a Service

Digiteum provides quality control and industry-level testing and maintenance. Testing service includes manual testing, test automation, performance and load testing, as well as security and penetration testing.

QA Control Center

Apart from traditional software testing, Digiteum develops custom testing solutions engineered to perform complex testing of proprietary digital systems. In particular, the team created quality assurance control center for Oxford Dictionaries to perform semi-automated lexical data transformation testing and ensure the quality of lexical data conversion.

Key Capabilities

  • Quality assurance;
  • Quality assurance control center;
  • Manual testing;
  • Custom testing solutions;
  • Test automation;
  • Performance and load testing;
  • Security and penetration testing.

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