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Chatbots in Retail

57% of firms surveyed by Forrester already use chatbots or plan to do so.

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What capabilities of chatbot technology help retail brands reconnect with different target audiences and reach millions of new customers.

Why chatbots are particularly relevant to retail companies and how brands should use bots to improve their online conversion and checkout rates.

Who uses chatbots – true stories of world-known retail brands – early adopters of chatbot technology who reaped the first benefits and received first ROI.

How to make money using chatbots – a few monetization models that allow retail companies increase the number of customers and improve profit.

Where to start – basic steps of a fail-proof chatbot strategy and design best practices that allow to create a truly valuable digital solution that works.

Key Takeaways

$8 bn – estimated yearly cost saving thanks to chatbots in retail, ecommerce and banking.

1. Chatbot technology offers retail industry a unique combination of benefits. Mobile native, lightweight bots with ample integration capabilities take a steady place among other digital tools brands use to communicate with customers.

2. This technoology is picking up stream and loyalty among Millennial customers unusually fast thanks to the simplicity of conversational interface, placement in top popular messengers, flexibility and remarkable personalization features.

3. Chatbots take over the solution of big deal challenges in retail – abandoned carts and low checkout rate, poor customer experience and support across channels, lost customers disloyal to slow or unintuitive websites and apps, insufficient human teams, especially during seasonal sales, lack of automation and process optimization, as well as low customer engagement and retainment.

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