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YardHub (US)
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Once a startup idea now a full-scale on-demand solution for web and mobile.

YardHub: on-demand app

YardHub is a smart two-sided online platform. On the one side, it allows homeowners to find top-rated household services at best price in a couple of taps. On the other side, it provides outdoor services with an online channel that connects them with the clients located in New York suburbs.

Once a startup idea, YardHub got into Digiteum’s hands to grow to a full-scale solution. Today it is more than a search and match service. It’s a balanced bidding platform that includes a website and iPhone/iPad application. It has intuitive interface for homeowners and automated backend and a secure payment system for service providers.

On Demand App
On Demand App
Real-time bidding platform with intuitive interface and automated backend and secure payment system.

On-demand app for indoor and outdoor services

The main idea of this app is to put a simple tool to create professional-looking photo books into the hands of every iPhone user. Digiteum designers and engineers created this mobile app in the best tradition of flat design and intuitive user experience.

On the frontend, AdoramaBooks goes without complicated flows and instead offers a simple step-by-step user journey, from importing images and choosing photo book style to picking paper finish and completing order and payment processes. Users are free to rearrange photos in any of their photo books, change styles, rebuild and reorder any time.

However, behind this simple functionality, there’s a unique intelligent photo book builder. Its autobuild algorithm relies on gradient descent method to select the best page layout and optimize arrangement. Using complex math, it analyses what photos would perfectly match each spread with minimum crop and maximum chronological relevance. As a result, users receive a well-designed ready to print photo book in seconds, just add text if needed and complete the order.

yardhub-sharing economy app
Convenient dashboards for customers and service providers.


  • Highly scalable e-commerce solution for B2C service providers.
  • Online tool to engage and retain customers and monitor results on-the-fly.
  • Real-time bidding platform to guarantee the best price for homeowners and fair competition for service providers.
  • Fully automated solution with scheduled on-demand order processing and secure cashless payment system.
  • Visual dashboards for both homeowners and service providers.
  • Social integration, instant feedback, photo reporting and time tracking features.
  • Customizable solution with infinite opportunities if applied in other service industries, both B2B and B2C.
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