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tui travel app
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TUI Travel Open Day

Fun experience of choosing the holiday that perfectly suits your expectations, wishes, and lifestyle can become elusive due to the effort, time, and patience you need to apply. In fact, making decisions of the where, how, and when can be exhausting in the first place. This is why one of the leaders in the travel industry, TUI Travel, decided to solve this problem with an elegant digital solution.

TUI Open Day Holiday project was built to provide users with a unique experience while choosing their dream holiday. The idea of this marketing solution was to allow them to choose their favorites among different travel styles via a one-tap visual web system. Then, the system would collect user preferences into a unique combination and come up with one of 5 packages with an exclusive set of holiday arrangements.

tui travel app
tui travel app
Personalization algorithm and interface with interactive animation and UX elements.

Interactive interface

TUI Open Day web application is a smart combination of complex backend with personalization algorithm and content optimization and visual user interface. It is based on interactive animation and UX-driven elements.

Dynamic interface of this solution designed by BMB and implemented by Digiteum relies on the use of entertaining elements including video, sound, and text. These elements react to the slightest user interaction with the system. They reply with motion, switch, call for new elements to guide users over their UX flow.

tui travel app
Personalized custom recommendation algorithm redirects customers to the website.

Personalization and optimization

Visual effects on loading, choice, and progress create easy and smooth user interaction with the system. However, the backend behind this visualization is far from easy.

To make this interface work, Digiteum performed complex optimization of video and image content for custom animation and elaborated every step through the progress of the customer experience flow. The company developed and deployed a personalized custom recommendation algorithm into the application to redirect every customer to the client’s website and provide the desired dream holiday package.

tui travel app
The system redirects users to the website for booking their exclusive holiday packages


  • Elegant digital solution for marketing that provides personalized travel recommendations tailored specifically to the user’s lifestyle.
  • Unique user interface based on the combination of visual effects, video and animation content, and various UX perks.
  • Efficient high-load optimization: the system is able to process thousands of user sessions simultaneously and provide fail-proof performance of complex user interface.
  • The system redirects users to the client’s website for details and booking and allows to share this smart holiday finder with anyone using integration with social media.
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