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    Customizing Salesforce Services for an Agriculture Technology Company

    Premier Tech (PT) is one of the world major solution providers in the horticulture and agriculture industry. The company creates sustainable products, designs and builds equipment for food, nutrition, agriculture and industrial sectors and drives technology and innovation into these and other vital areas. More than a dozen of Premier Tech brands offer water and waste management solutions, organic and agriculture processing solutions, material, packaging and other solutions. 

    For a company of such scale, well-established processes and smooth communication with customers and between teams are the keys to high efficiency and excellent performance. As a digital technology provider and consultant for Premier Tech, Digiteum has worked on a series of Salesforce-based projects focused on optimizing and automating business processes and enhancing the performance of the company’s teams and digital systems.

    Premier Tech salesforce
    Premier Tech (PT) is the solution provider in the horticulture and agriculture industry.
    Premier Tech salesforce
    Well-established processes and smooth communication practices are the keys to high efficiency and excellent performance.

    Expanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive automation and enhance efficiency

    Digiteum developed a digital tool that expands the functionality of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and helps the HR teams personalize communication with the interested audience.

    Based on the custom algorithm, the tool automatically creates individual compilations for different audiences subscribed to the PT newsletter. Twice a month, each audience from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud receives a personalized newsletter with tailored content. Every newsletter is configured to track how recipients experience emails — clicks, scrolls, etc. Monitoring this data helps further optimize content and messages. This tool drives automation, speed and efficiency to the HR operations and helps HR teams effortlessly reach out to different target audiences with personalized messages.

    Excellent customer experience 24/7

    To improve customer experience and increase engagement, Digiteum added a contact form on four PT’s websites. This form allows a user either to directly contact a Live Agent in real time or leave a request after hours. The system collects the requests from different sources — website, Facebook, email — redirects them to the support team and returns the answers back to the source. This functionality enables smooth customer service experience during working hours and after and enables seamless request processing across different channels.

    Premier Tech salesforce
    Custom contact form connects a user with a Live Agent.
    Premier Tech salesforce
    This tool drives automation and helps HR teams effortlessly reach out to different target audiences.

    Personalized communication with the event audience

    Using the custom algorithm, the HR teams now can also efficiently target the audience of PT’s events. When people subscribe to PT newsletters at different events, their data gets to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The algorithm creates individual journeys and email plans for every group of subscribers depending on the event they attended.

    This approach helps the HR team respond to the interests of diverse audiences, handle a large number of subscribers and use custom messages and content instead of bulk emails.

    On top of that, Digiteum team redesigned the default Salesforce Subscription Center page where users can manage their subscriptions. Thanks to custom UI, this page is now multilingual, it is aligned with PT brand style and tone and well-recognized by the users.

    Premier Tech salesforce
    Custom UI for Subscription Center page aligns with PT brand style.
    Premier Tech salesforce
    HR team can now respond to the interests of diverse event audiences and send custom messages and content instead of bulk emails.

    Integration with Simplicant and custom API for versatility

    The client uses the Simplicant recruitment platform to store vacancies. To pull them out to the website and make custom email compilations, the team needed to connect Simplicant to Salesforce services.

    For this purpose, Digiteum developed a custom API hosted on Microsoft Azure. This API works on top of the existing Simplicant API to enable secure data transfer and advanced search and data manipulation features — filter and group vacancies for different purposes. This approach helped meet project requirements and avoid migrating to the other platform thus cutting down on project cost.

    Optimizing DevOps process with Salesforce Gearset

    As a digital technology consultant, Digiteum team helped PT Salesforce development team integrate Salesforce Gearset practices into their deployment process.

    It allowed PT’s team to make moving from the development environment to preproduction and then to production more reliable and errorless. More importantly, using Gearset practices helped automate release management.

    Premier Tech salesforce
    Custom API hosted on Microsoft Azure to enable advanced search features.
    Premier Tech salesforce
    Digiteum team helped PT Salesforce development team integrate Salesforce Gearset practices into their deployment process.
    Premier Tech salesforce
    Driving speed, automation and efficiency to the PT's operations and processes.


    • A series of Salesforce-based tools that drive speed, automation and efficiency to the HR operations and personalize communication with various target audiences.
    • Custom algorithms to create tailored newsletter content and messages and improve customer engagement.
    • Integration with the Simplicant platform and the development of custom API to enable versatile data manipulation.
    • Optimization of customer request processing across different channels via custom online forms and direct contact with Live Agent.
    • Integration of Salesforce Gearset practices into the deployment process.


    DATE: 2019
    CLIENT: Premier Tech

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