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in Business Partnership

Nov 16, 2016

Digiteum Team

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Digital Strategy

Building Successful Business Collaboration

They say there ain’t such thing as a free lunch. In business, in particular, everything comes at a price, since any communication may involve risks, and every risk has its cost. Ask insurance companies, they make money on it.

However, gone are the times when companies were selling blind bargains, and every “expert view” or “advisory hour” had a price tag. Today, competitive advantage for your business is measured not only by the technologies or complex solutions you can offer. Today it’s all about the value you can give.


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Collaboration Through Value

At Digiteum we have our strategy on how to provide value to our business partners and clients, the strategy that we assume is worth sharing. Here, for free, no disclaimers on the side.

When we claim that we “deliver business solutions that are value-driven, not technology-driven,” we actually mean it. How do we make sure this is our common practice? We infuse “bring value” approach at the early stage of communication with our partners, existing and prospective ones. This is why when we first meet businesses, we allow them to request free assessment of their digital standing and opportunities to bring offers and ideas before we have the first firm handshake.

In other words, our assessment team that consists of UX/UI specialists, business analysts, project and marketing managers, CTO and Digiteum co-founders, as well as the company’s advisors in Europe and the U.S., start communicating with businesses and bring value at the very first steps.


High-Level Business Assessment

Since we love automating stuff, we decided to make digital assessment efficient and quality. Our marketing angels applied digital approach and introduced free high-level assessment process with the starting point on our main hub. Once you decide to take part, you will get access to the example of digital assessment that we offer and order a free assessment for your own business.

6 Circles of Assessment

Once, we have already pointed out that we are a bit of OCD when it comes to operations and processes. Our team love order, so when we perform a high-level digital assessment of your business, you can be sure we’ll push it through the aspects that actually matter: market, audience, web analytics, user experience, trends, and opportunities.


Our team of dexterous business analysts will first rove your business through the assessment of its standing on the market and the niche it occupies, and then comb the competition environment. If we want to offer you a competitive advantage, we need to know what and who we are dealing with, right?


We all work for people, eventually, either your focus is B2C, or B2B. This is why our team will rigorously drill the characteristics of your customers, study their demands, habits, concerns, addictions, and the way they love eggs in the morning, to make sure your business growth strategy and digital strategy (which is today a business growth digital strategy) align with the needs of those we all work for.

User experience

User Experience analysis is one of the primary reasons why a business requests this assessment. Considering we have the skill, digital technology expertise, and tools at hand, we can easily slice and dice all the data on your customers’ experience, analyze their online behavior, and search for the solutions to upgrade user satisfaction and improve your online assets to make them more visual and intuitive.


“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”


That’s what we do when we study the latest trends for your business. In fact, we blend the Trends of the Market and business environment in general, apply them to your Audience, and deliver the solutions that would fully match with the goals you appoint.

Web analytics

Asking for a free assessment is a sort of a hint that you need to improve your digital maturity and introduce novelties into your online presence. What our assessment team do in return is study your web assets through various analytics tools: what technologies you use, what online experience your customers get, how the workflows are built, if the processes are smooth and up to date, etc.


What happens when you mix all the ingredients together and put it into the expert hands of our assessment team? You get a clear vision of your digital standing applied to the present market conditions and customer demands. With this information at hand, we can map the opportunities for the digital transformation plan and improvement of your business and the solutions that turn these opportunities into real projects.

Why It Matters

Initial assessment brings value for both the company Digiteum team analyzes, and Digiteum itself. The company gets the raw vision of the opportunities that further collaboration with Digiteum may bring, and most importantly, builds expectations about this business partnership. As for Digiteum, we receive valuable insights on the current company’s standing and visualize the scope of work to get down to.

For the record, due to this value-based approach, Digiteum has already built the foundation of solid partnership with such companies as Printique* (developing a high-load system for online printing services) and Oxford Languages (a large-scale lexical data software development project).

Some of our business partners entrusted their digital transformation to Digiteum completely, and since then have been introducing new products and services and increasing their revenues for years already. With these results in mind, we believe that this is the proper value-based start that empowers streamline growth, and eventually, mutually beneficial business partnership.

*Formerly AdoramaPix